September 03, 2016 23:11

How to quickly get rid of bags under the eyes and their causes

today to lead a healthy lifestyle, good looks - it is a certain cult.Perhaps before painful skin blue was considered the standard of beauty, but not today.Users apply a lot of effort to have silky hair, white smile and healthy glow.Here are just bruises and bags under the eyes all the spoil!

Many aspire to get rid of bags under the eyes and bruises by any means, but that the result was an effective first need to find the causes of disease.

bruises and bags under the eyes - it is primarily a cosmetic defect, it is not only brings inconvenience to their owners physically as mentally.And if a young man, after a sleepless night, we are quite normal and are sympathetic to the bruises and bags under the eyes, then with age apply all known means to get rid of them.

identify the causes

quickly get rid of bags under the eyes is unlikely to succeed.First you need to find the cause.Immediately I must say that with age, the skin under the eyes loses its firmness and elasticity and droops down.People who do not

want to grow old, have resorted to plastic surgery.But this is a radical way to deal with bags under the eyes.Before going under the knife is necessary to turn to the beautician.Modern professional beauty aids and cosmetics will help solve the problem for some time.If

to age-related changes you still far away, but still has bruises under his eyes and bags with you, we first need to be examined by doctors.In most cases, bruises and bags under the eyes - the result of kidney or heart disease.Without an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment, you can spend time and money in unlimited amounts on cosmetics, but the desired result and does not reach.

younger generation cause bruises and bags under the eyes in most cases fatigue, insomnia and stress.Eliminating these negative factors, it is quite possible they will be able to get rid of bruises under his eyes.

Folk remedies

But often we do not have time to visit the doctor, enough sleep or elimination of stress from your life, and look good in the meantime it would be desirable always.In this case, I will tell you how to quickly get rid of bags under the eyes.

problem bruises and bags under the eyes, there is not the first year, so people's ways of dealing with them have accumulated quite a lot.Here are some of them:

  1. ice cubes from a decoction of chamomile or parsley.They need to be put on the lower eyelid for 2-3 minutes.
  2. compresses to the eyes of bags of tea (green or black).Sealed teabags slightly cooled and applied to the eyes for 15 minutes.
  3. Raw potatoes very successfully fight with bruises and bags under the eyes.It must grate, wrapped in a bandage and put on closed eyelids minutes 20.

There are quite a few tips.In principle, nothing prevents to try them all and find the most effective for yourself.

sometimes with bruises and bags under the eyes can be easily overcome by using special cosmetics for the eyes.Many cosmetic companies offer a variety of rollers, serums and creams to remove bruises and bags under the eyes.Their application will help eliminate cosmetic defect at the time, but not its cause.If in front of you is not such a problem, then you may well take advantage and foundation or concealer for a century.