September 04, 2016 23:11

How to remove hair reddishnesses - Proven Ways

What girl does not like to experiment with his looks?And what kind of girl once in my life did not dream to become a blonde?A rhetorical question!Here are the results of such fantasies and experiments can not rejoice.Especially if you decide to repaint their dark hair in bright color.Unfortunately, many people expect a rude awakening, and, instead of the expected blonde, you will find an unpleasant shade of red.After a period of despair and bitter tears of frustration need to be taken to work and think about how to remove a reddishnesses hair.

How to remove red hair shade

not rush to despair!All is not lost for you.This effect may occur due to the fact that the dark hair has a red pigment, and at the wrong coloring it may appear.So, if you painted in the cabin, all the claims against the master.You will either return the money or the correct result at their own expense by professional means.

In that case, if you are involved in amateur and painted without the help of professionals in the home, and t

hen remove the red tint will have to yourself.There are several ways.Here are some of them.

  1. The easiest way is return to its natural color hair.But be careful and match the tone when choosing colors for the new procedure, which is a bit lighter than your natural.In this case, you will be able to remove the red hair color.The paint must have a cool tone, as only they will be able to neutralize reddishnesses.
  2. While in previous staining your choice stopped on a red or maroon, the problem is in the old paint left on the hair.In this case you need clarification .This procedure completely discolor hair depriving him of pigment, then you can be painted in any color.But be careful, because the brightening significantly depletes the hair, and they can become very fragile and brittle.In this case, they need extra care and protection.
  3. Also, as an alternative, you can choose the color of ash .It just relates to the cold tones that will effectively remove reddishnesses with dark hair.
  4. There is another way.You can use toning tonic .It should be added to the hair balm with each wash.We need to pick up a cold tone, it is best if it is ash.The algorithm is such, to neutralize the red, that is, warm tone, cool tone certainly need that is Ash.

What else can help?

Hair is a very important part of the appearance and image of women.Therefore, they should always look great.It takes time and careful maintenance.If you're in an uncontrolled experiment with the colors of hair, then very soon they may lose their luster, beauty and attractiveness.Therefore, if you decide to dye your hair, it is best to consult a specialist , who is familiar with the laws and the nuances of color.Especially if you've spent an unsuccessful experiment on your hair, help is also better to go to a knowledgeable person who can help you accurately and knows very well how to remove reddishnesses.

If you still failed to achieve the desired result, and you become a blonde, for the prevention of color changes is important to know some nuances.For example, because of the chlorine contained in tap water, the hair may acquire an undesirable red color.This is due to the chemical reaction of the pigment in the hair structure with chlorine from the water.So we'll have to work hard, and every time boil water myself to wash my hair .You also need to use a special shampoo for blonde hair.They also help keep the light color without changing the hue.

So, knowing these recommendations, you will not be difficult to become a real blonde.