September 04, 2016 23:11

How to get rid of belly at home - nutrition and exercise

Many men and women would like to have a flat and tight stomach.Unfortunately, starting to take this step, the majority finds that it is not so easy.The main thing is not to give up halfway, and to approach the problem from several sides.

Strength training

first advice that is generally given to wanting to get rid of belly at home - it's rock press.And this is good advice at an early stage.But even blocks media will not be visible if you have excess body fat.Strength training will help you tighten and strengthen abdominal muscles.This is already a step forward, but this is not enough.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise will help burn excess fat and outline the sports press.Under it meant running, aerobics - fast active movement to accelerate the burning of calories and exercise endurance, increase lung capacity and strengthen the heart muscle.Someone running will be enough to achieve the beautiful slender waist, and someone - no.


Try doing yogic exercise on abdominal retraction.It prom

otes massage internal organs, improves blood circulation in the abdominal area.Exercise is carried out only on an empty stomach!Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.Take a breath and hold your breath.Lean slightly forward, his hands on his hips while keeping your back straight.Pull the belly and hold in this position as you can.Relax your stomach muscles and only then exhale quietly.Perform 1-2 times.
You can also make quick retraction of the abdomen.Do a quick exhale, pull your stomach.In the breath-hold several times its bulge forward and draw in again.On the relaxation of muscles inhale.


Drink more water.Modern man, it would seem, it consumes a lot of liquid - tea, coffee, soda, alcohol, etc.But popular and common drinks often contain caffeine, which leads to dehydration.Moreover, the liquid soups and drinks is not absorbed as simply clean water or water from vegetables and fruits.
body perceives this as stress and begins to delay fluid.Result - flabby stomach and cellulite.Start drinking at least a couple of glasses of pure water per day, reduce the amount of tea and coffee - this will help prevent fluid retention, as well as remove toxins and toxins.

Proper nutrition Eat more fresh foods.Wishes to lose weight or get rid of flabby stomach is often found in magazines advice to abandon fried foods, but do not take them seriously, but in vain.The more you eat fresh fruits and vegetables and less food, subjected to heat treatment, the sooner postroyneete.

The fact that the heat treatment results in the breakdown of complex molecules in the products and turn them into simple, digestible (and with raw food is doing the job of saliva and gastric juice).Thus, the nutrients absorbed by the body, even if the person is already full and do not need them at the moment.Their excess is deposited in the form of toxins and excess fat tissue.That is why people with a good appetite often fattening.

contrast, raw vegetables and fruits will be assimilated by the intestines, if a person is hungry.They just leave the body.It is a mechanism of self-regulation.