September 05, 2016 23:11

How to remove cellulite from the legs at home?

Going to the beach or to the pool is a rare woman does not feel the presence of lung embarrassment nasty bumps on thighs.Unfortunately, cellulite is a problem with many of the fairer sex.But do not think that this is evidence of obesity.Even relatively slim girls can be such a problem.All the matter in the subcutaneous adipose tissue.If the metabolism is broken, then there is an unpleasant "orange peel".

Interestingly, the professional dancers do not have cellulite!What is their secret?And the fact that their muscles are always in good shape, and constant physical activity make it impossible to secede subcutaneous fat in problem areas.And, of course, they adhere to proper diet and nutrition.So, if you want to get rid of cellulite on legs, then take an example from the dancers!

So, our goal is to defeat the enemy - cellulite.We use several methods to control: exercise, diet and beauty treatments.

Exercises - cellulite enemy №1

body needs moderate exercise.If lead a sedentary lifestyle, it will lead

to disruption in the work of many organs and body systems.It also affects the appearance.Think of the dancers.The secret of their beauty in constant training.We will learn from them.

important to note that there are exercises that promote muscle growth, but does not affect the subcutaneous fat.Therefore, it is important to focus on those exercises that will fight it with our enemy - cellulite.So, here are a list of some exercises to remove cellulite.

  1. Bike.When you exercise, try to keep your feet as close as possible to the floor.This will increase the load on the hips.
  2. Squats.Keep your back straight, and do not tear off heels from the floor.To be most effective with his back against the wall and squat.
  3. Lying on the side leg lift, located on top.Try to stretch all the muscles to train them.
  4. Lying on the side leg lift, located on the bottom.This will enhance the effect of the previous exercise.Raise the foot as far as you can.This is a very good side tightens muscles.

Beauty treatments - cellulite enemy №2

Such procedures may include the use of anti-cellulite creams, body wraps and anti-cellulite massage.

Cream is best used in conjunction with exercise and massage.The fact that they have to penetrate deeply into the skin, and it is impossible for an ordinary application.So the best option is to put the cream on the problem areas of feet, wear breeches for weight loss and exercise, given above.Due to the bridge will create a greenhouse effect.It helps burn unwanted fat.And also enhances the action of anti-cellulite cream.

To do foot massage in problem areas need to arm themselves with a special massage mitt or a vacuum jar.Before the procedure is necessary to lubricate the skin cream, and begin to massage.Tune in to what it is not the most pleasant massages in your life, because you have to get results, but it does take an effort to influence the subcutaneous fat.Endure pain as you can, but at the same time and do not overdo it.

Wrap is also an effective way to deal with our enemy.But how to remove cellulite from the legs using body wraps?It's simple.For such a procedure at home need food film, that there exists in the kitchen at any housewife.It is best to start to take a bath, the skin is good to steam and was ready for therapeutic effects.Then apply on the problem areas of the mask, wrap with foil and warm, put on something warm, or wrapped in a blanket.Due to the resulting effect Parikova mask is great to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and subcutaneous fat to fight.

For such masks have a lot of recipes.As the main component can be used honey.Knead the dough from flour, honey and vinegar.Apply it on the hips, wrap film.The treatment lasts at least 30 minutes.If you are concerned about how quickly to remove cellulite, you should know that such a procedure should be carried out 3-4 times a week.Only then can we expect to result.

Diet - Cellulite enemy №3

Everything should be done in moderation.The word diet should not scare anyone.It does not mean that you should have absolutely nothing to lose and the joy of life.The best diet is a healthy balanced diet.In this case, many health problems you can avoid, including cellulite.But to remove cellulite from the legs, you need to take drastic action quickly.(I want to hasten to note that with regard to cellulite, the word quickly, it is necessary to apply, meaning not three days or a week, and from one to three months, And fight with them involves a complex use of all of these methods:.. Exercise + facials + diet alonethis case, you can rely on the result.)

so, to take these drastic measures, you can sit on a diet, good fat burning and cleansing the body.We will not go into details, and to transfer the complete diet for a week.You'll be able to make it on the basis of personal preferences and capabilities.Important Follow these guidelines.

  1. need to eat at the same time, small portions.Well, if there will be three main meals and two snack in between.
  2. We must eliminate fried, salty, fatty foods.It is best steamed, or baked in the oven.
  3. Avoid starchy foods and sweets.Try to replace bread in the diet bread.And instead of biscuits and sweets, eat fruit or dried fruit.
  4. Avoid sugary sodas.It is better to drink plenty of clean water.Instead of the usual tea accustom themselves to green tea without sugar.It contributes to the improvement of metabolism.
  5. turmeric and red peppers are also effective against cellulite.Add them to your diet.

Now, you will not be difficult to answer the question: is it possible to remove cellulite?You can confidently say yes!