September 05, 2016 23:11

How to remove under-eye circles - traditional methods and proven tools

What girl does not know the problem of under-eye circles ?!Someone they are permanent and have someone appear under certain circumstances.Let's find out what are the causes and how to remove under-eye circles?

Why do I get dark circles under your eyes?

reasons may be very different.Here are the most common ones:

  • Fatigue .If you sit at the computer until two in the morning, and eight go to work, do not be surprised that your eyes are not good.
  • Health Problems .Disturbances in the cardiovascular, endocrine and urogenital systems can lead to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.
  • Genetic predisposition .If you have deep-set eyes, the appearance of the blue is a natural process.
  • vascular structure .When a thin wall vessels or their proximity to the skin may also appear under-eye circles.

Well, with the reasons clear.Unfortunately, we can not always influence them, and, accordingly, can not prevent such an unpleasant problem.But as e deal with this problem?How to remove dark circles und

er the eyes?

Getting rid of bruises under his eyes

There are many methods, recipes and recommendations to combat this problem.You can try everything on the line, and then choose the most suitable.It is important to follow the skin reaction to these or other components.If you have any signs of irritation or allergy is to abandon this recipe and try another.
So, what are the ways to remove dark circles under the eyes?

1. Mask of potatoes. This is probably the most famous recipe to combat the disease.Potatoes should be rubbed on a fine grater, mix with milk and flour in equal amounts.Apply the mask on for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.You can also use just two slices of fresh potatoes.Attach them for a few minutes on the lower eyelids, and the result will not take long.

2. Compress sage. In a glass pour one teaspoon of the herb sage, pour 100 ml of hot water, let stand, covered for 15 minutes.Then half of the infusion in the refrigerator and in the rest of moisten cotton pads and put on eyes for 10 minutes.Then wet the discs in a cold infusion and put another 10 minutes.This procedure is best done before bedtime.

3. Mask of parsley. A bunch of fresh parsley, finely chopped and put on the skin of the lower eyelids.Top cover with a damp cotton pad or gauze.Hold for 15 minutes and rinse with cool water.

4. The mask of cucumber, coriander and sour cream. must take two teaspoons of sliced ​​cucumber and coriander and stir in one tablespoon of sour cream.Apply to the skin around the eyelids for 15 minutes, rinse with cool water and apply moisturizer.

5. Cosmetic preparations. Today, there are many cosmetic products on the circles under the eyes.To properly orient in this variety are some tips to remember:

  • the cream should contain hyaluronic acid and fruit;
  • components must be present to reduce the swelling, such as green tea, neroli oil, horse chestnut extract.

6. Cosmetics. If you can not remove dark circles under the eyes, then they can always disguise.To do this, you can use a special masking pencil or concealer.Consistency of such funds should be light and moisturizing, to gently care for delicate and fragile skin around the eyes.Do not cover up circles under the eyes are usually creams.From this they can become even more noticeable.

7. Gymnastics for the eyes. It helps to strengthen the skin and muscles of the eyelids.This improves blood circulation, which helps to fight with bruises.

  • in a comfortable position sitting or lying down, close your eyes and rotate them in both directions for a minute;
  • closed eyelids to lift up his eyes and lowered eight times;
  • look straight ahead, and within 30 seconds often blink;
  • eyes open email letter V in the air eight times.

These exercises are best done in the morning after waking up several times during the day.

8. General recommendations. It is very important to look after themselves, for their daily routine and eating habits.If you are dismissive attitude towards their health, no mask on the circles under the eyes will not be effective until the end.And if all the above tips you add more fruit to your daily diet and healthy sleep, to get rid of bruises do not make the big work.It is useful to sleep in well-ventilated rooms, as well as the open window.On the condition of vessels positively influences the reception of vitamin C. It strengthens the walls of blood vessels.