September 05, 2016 23:12

How quickly remove a bruise - folk remedies , cosmetics and other ways

Every person wants to look beautiful and healthy.Particularly awe we feel about their appearance on the eve of an important meeting: job interview, a first date or the prom.And no one will become to explain that black eye, it is not the result of a family showdown, and simply fail the open door of the cupboard.Or that purple bruise on his leg could give favorite child, razmahavsheesya toy.No matter what the reasons, it is important to find the fastest way to get rid of the problem!So how can you remove a bruise quickly to look your best?

1. Cold

First aid for bumps and bruises - it's cold.Apply to the affected area with a piece of ice, or just something frozen from the freezer.It is better that it was a bag of ice (do not forget to wrap its thin fabric, in addition to not get frostbite).This will help to reduce the blood flow in the injured spot and reduce the variety of colors black eye.If you have time to do this as quickly as possible, the bruise may not appear.

Also effective are rubbing ice cub

es of frozen water or vodka with frozen infusion of parsley.

Quickly remove the black eye will help copper nickels (until 1962 issue).In its high content of copper, which quickly propels the blood, preventing it to stagnate on the site of injury.If your family does not hold such relics is handy just a tablespoon of cold.

2. Heat

Paradoxically, but also heat treat bruises.However, in any case not warm fresh bruise.Heat can be used only one day after the injury.Baths, hot compresses or dilates blood vessels around the damaged site.As a result, accelerated blood flow, and a bruise quickly resolved.

3. Medicines bruises

also a quick way to remove the bruise is in the home medicine cabinet.The most effective means is a gel Troxevasin.If you apply it to the bruise every two hours, it is possible to hope for a quick result.It has a good effect on the basis of heparin ointment (Gepatrombin, Geparoid) badyagi (Badyaga forte), Chestnut (Venitan) and arnica.The use of external funds necessary to supplement intake of drugs, strengthens blood vessels.Drugs of arnica are also available for oral administration."Ascorutin" combines rutin and ascorbic acid, which effectively strengthen capillaries.Admission of vitamin C also have a positive impact not only on your blood vessels, but also on the immune system.

4. Cosmetics

If you are unable to remove the bruise for 1 day, then it can be masked.Use a concealer or foundation for the face with a yellow tinge, as it is best to neutralize the blue color.There is also a cream based on leeches "Bruise-off with tinted effect."It can be used as a means of 2 to 1.

5. Folk remedies

Good help cabbage leaves, mashed and applied to the place of injury.
also use herbal tinctures, which are used as a lotion.They take herbs such as calendula, St. John's wort, and the mother-and-stepmother.You can add lavender or rosemary oil.

effective is grated on a fine grater horseradish .The resulting slurry should be applied to the bruise several times a day.

What can be done from a bruise on his leg?

When injury as quickly as possible it is important to tighten the damaged spot with a bandage, so that blood does not spread out under the skin.To hide the bruises on the legs, you can use some more addition to the above funds.For example:

  • Iodine .Iodine mesh improves blood circulation and helps to rapidly dissolve hematoma.
  • Badyaga .The powder of this sponge have to be dissolved in warm water, and the slurry is applied to the injury.Badyaga an irritant effect, which also provides blood flow to the injury site.Such a compress made twice a day.You can alternate with by applying cold.It is better not to use to remove the bruises on his face, as badyaga may cause irritation to sensitive skin and mucous membranes.

But be reasonable.If you urgently need to get rid of a bruise - the main thing is not to overdo it.No need to use immediately all these methods and means, because it can cause irritation and even allergies.

If you follow all of the recommendations, a bruise for a long time does not pass, it is a chance to see a doctor.Maybe you have some health problems.

So now, if you have a question, how to quickly remove the bruise, you will not be guessing, and be able to quickly take the necessary measures and to maintain their health and beauty.