September 05, 2016 23:12

How to remove wrinkles under the eyes - their causes , recipes and traditional methods

It is sad, but the aging process with a click of the fingers can not be stopped.The appearance of first wrinkles around the eyes indicates that some major changes occur in the human body.In this case, if time does not respond and did not take all necessary measures from the former youth and elastic skin pretty quickly no trace remains.And though they say that every age - its beauty and charm, but look at forty to seventy is unlikely anyone would want.

main causes of wrinkles under the eyes

  • Makeup .Today, many manufacturers of cosmetics do not boast the quality and safety of its products.Sometimes, in the conventional mascara or shade includes such components that cause swelling or allergy.But even if you do not notice these changes, too much love for cosmetics can lead to negative consequences, because the skin in this area is quite thin and quickly absorbs any substance.In addition, a sharp pencil and a rough brush to apply eyeliner can microtrauma.And if in your youth, the body can deal with this
    type of exposure that every year it will melt all the more difficult for him.
  • wrong or cheap means to care .If the cream is not suitable for your skin type or designed for a specific age group, in which you do not come, then it can become a time bomb and cause the opposite effect.For twenty-five did not appear wrinkles, use only the necessary minimum set and do not experiment.
  • Vision problems .If you are constantly squinting and prizhmurivatsya, then pretty quickly in the eye area wrinkles appear, so it is better to spend money on lenses than to go to the experts.As for the sunglasses, they must be made of special high quality material, otherwise they will not be protected from direct sunlight.
  • Malnutrition and sudden changes in weight .The human body needs a certain amount of vitamins and minerals.Therefore, if you are a few days decided to lose a few extra kilos, be prepared for the fact that you come across a very common problem and will puzzle over how to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes.
  • Mimicry .The man blinks, smiles, frowns and other exhibits emotions that subsequently left a mark on his face.These wrinkles often appear after thirty.
  • Stress .Nerves - the cause of all diseases.Due to the constant voltage disturbed metabolism of the skin cells do not have time to be updated.So people holding high positions earlier age.

If you know about the problem first-hand, do not despair, because today there are many ways of how to remove wrinkles around the eyes.The main thing in this case is not to procrastinate, or over time, to achieve a good result will be much more difficult.

Traditional methods

If wrinkles have appeared relatively recently and they are shallow, you can try to remove wrinkles in the home.To do this you need to make a mask of raw potatoes (medium size), a decoction of herbs (parsley or chamomile) and oil.This mass is applied at bedtime for ten minutes, after which the remains are removed with a dry cloth.Lubricate the problem area yolk diluted in oil.It is advisable to choose quail eggs.

Another effective recipe of wrinkles under the eyes - in a normal face cream that you use often, add a little juice of plantain.This will help not only to remove old wrinkles, but also prevent the emergence of new ones."Smooth" skin can be with the help of an ice cube, which the skin should be cleaned.Just boil the rice, water Decant into a special container and put the broth in the freezer.

If your eyes are in constant stress, you need to give them a rest.Lightly massage your fingertips all over the face, but do not overdo it, or in some locations may have bruising.

Do not forget to drink a liquid which also affects the removal of wrinkles.It is necessary to abandon the very strong coffee and black tea, which contains tannin in large quantities.But green tea has a positive effect on health: toxins, excess fat is burned.The used tea leaves can be wrapped in cheesecloth and apply to the fifteen minutes three times a day.With its simple purified water without gas or compote home.Preservatives are contained in juices and beverages, you will definitely not be helpers in the fight for smooth skin.

procedures in salons and clinics

Deep wrinkles under the eyes by conventional means so simply not clean.At the moment, experts can offer you several options to combat this problem.Each of them has its advantages and indications, but before you decide on such a serious action, consult at least three doctors.

Botox .With its help you permanently get rid of facial wrinkles, when properly administered there are no complications.Before the procedure, ask to show you the certificate confirming the quality of the machine, and the permission to carry out such manipulations.

Biorevitalization .This technique allows you to quickly remove wrinkles under the eyes, restore skin elasticity and firmness.

Mesotherapy .To achieve positive results you will be able, after the third or fourth session.The cost of this procedure is relatively high, but after her for a long time you do not have to worry about how you look.