How to bring a spot of grass with jeans and other apparel

summer likelihood stain your clothes the grass is very high in both children and adults.First love to play in the street and with a special interest tend to meadows with dandelions and other flowers that command attention.Adults are in the warmer months often go on picnics, and on the nature of a lot of greenery, on which you can get dirty.Therefore, the information about how to get a spot on the grass to be very relevant.

often see on the contamination of clothing after being outdoors, many people try to remove them by conventional means, but instead would be more efficient to use proven methods, because detergents can not wash off stains from grass.

improvised means

Instead of despair because of the damaged clothes and decide to throw her try to use simple but effective advice of those who have learned to "save" things stained plants.You can do the following:

  • in a glass of warm water and pour 0.5 tablespoon of ammonia solution and mix.If you have soiled a little thing, it can be contaminated part dipped in the glass itself.In a case where a thing larger recommended solution folded wet gauze and repeatedly wipe the stain it.After this procedure, you need to spot the usual soap lather and leave clothes lying around for an hour.After this time, wash it in any convenient manner;
  • also withdraw from the grass stains, you can use vinegar.To do this, pour a small amount into a separate container and wetting them brush to wipe the stain.In this case, contaminated clothing must also be left on the hour to the vinegar acted, and then washed in a machine or by hand;
  • not less efficient solution of common salt.He is prepared as follows: a tablespoon of salt is poured 100 ml of warm water and stir constantly to dissolve the salt.The resulting solution is called denatured alcohol.It is applied on the spot and immediately wash the clothes;
  • In addition, with a spot of land, you can pull on any subject and on top of the spot (if the fabric allows) to pour cool boiling water and immediately wash the clothes.If you remove stains from grass so the first time did not work, then the procedure can be repeated.

Separately on jeans

on denim clothing stains are usually removed with difficulty, so you should try other ways:

  • Soda .A small amount of baking soda should be diluted with a small amount of warm water and applied with a brush on the stain.You can also sprinkle a pinch of dry baking soda on the stain and pour vinegar on top.After the procedure to wash clothes;
  • alcohol .A bit of pure alcohol applied to the grass stain and leave for half an hour.After that, wash your clothes with soap or detergent;
  • peroxide .In jeans stains from grass to successfully remove the hydrogen peroxide.To this end, it is applied directly to the stain, then wash off with water and wash the thing in a familiar way.

In principle, there are sufficient funds, with which you can clean the stains at home.In addition to these methods, you can use popular stain remover, which include components that can remove many kinds of spots.The main thing to remember: the fresher the stain, the more likely that you remove it successfully.So do not delay this troublesome matter indefinitely.