How to remove the paint with jeans - Proven Methods

one thing when paint dirty jeans home during repairs in the home or school, and quite another when the only thing bought or donated to deteriorate because of an absurd accident, for example, due to the unsung painted benches or railings in the park.

It used to treat jeans work clothes, and now they are an indispensable element of clothes at work, school or while walking.And the quality of the fabric and sewing patterns are much better than the same 10 years ago.Therefore, a broken thing can cost a lot of money and they can not lose if you know how to remove paint from the jeans.

Proven Methods

To begin with I would like to note that fresh stains of paint is much easier to remove than dried, so we must act immediately, if you want to "save" the spoiled pants.To do this:

  1. Wash .Wash off the paint with jeans is quite possible, but only if immediately wipe it with a tissue as possible, and not allowing it to remnants soaked in fabric wash their hands do not, and in the washing machine.In addition to the powder it is necessary to add an effective stain remover.After such a washing paint must retire;
  2. Use detergent .Oddly enough, but they can not only do the dishes, but also to remove stains from things, including paint, but only if the fresh stain.To do this, a means to mix a small amount of water and an old toothbrush or a sponge formed rub spot as long as the main part is removed.Thereafter need jeans washed as indicated in the first method;
  3. Resort to chemistry.They are effective in the fight against age-old spots.In order to remove the stain from the dye that was planted a long time, you need to use a solvent.But in order not to spoil a pair of jeans more solvent droplets are recommended to be in an inconspicuous place on clothes and see if it will affect the color.If no adverse reactions will not be in the interaction, we can safely apply the solvent to the ink stain with a cotton swab and rub it until the paint is off.Instead, the solvent can use nail polish remover, gasoline, mineral spirits, kerosene, turpentine and other similar means.Due to the fact that they have a pungent odor, it is advisable to remove the paint with jeans in the open air or in a ventilated room.Also be sure to wash them after the procedure before the cleaning agent has time to dry on them;
  4. Make a mixture .This means effective when it comes to cleansing the spots with the jeans is sewed of a light fabric.To prepare the mixture is taken purified gasoline and white clay (it can be replaced with powdered chalk) in a ratio of 1: 1 and thoroughly mixed to form a uniform slurry.It is applied to the stain left on for 20 minutes, after which dry powder is removed with a sponge or brush, and jeans washed in soapy water.

last option

likely that even with these tools, you will not be able to remove the paint from the jeans, but not worth the upset.After all, if a broken thing is really expensive (as a gift or in the literal sense), you can always use the dry cleaning.Surely professionals working in it, will be able to help you, and then there is nothing to prevent you from wearing your favorite, already peeled paint jeans.