How to remove chewing gum from clothing ( clean with a cloth , to withdraw from the jeans and pants )

  • Freezer
  • Ice Cube
  • Boiling
  • Iron
  • Hairdryer
  • Vinegar
  • Chewing gum
  • Oils
  • Nail polish remover

Chewing gum is capable of in a fewsecond freshen your breath, but still faster than it can cause irreparable harm to your favorite things.A single second to Sticky substance has got deep into the bowels of the fabric fibers and firmly lodged there.If you or your family member has managed to face such trouble, be sure to find out how to remove chewing gum from clothing without a trip to the dry cleaners.Over the years, people have learned a lot of reliable and fast way to rescue things at home.

If you have an urgent need to remove the remains of chewing gum from clothing, you need not be afraid and try all the methods invented.Remember that the choice of the procedure depends on the color and type of material.If you are stuck with gum tissue from shedding things, not all suitable methods.All methods of hot wash gum you are contraindicated.The same can be said of woolen cloth and any delicate matters (satin, silk, chiffon).

All wise housewives invented methods to get rid of chewing gum on the clothing can be divided into three categories.The first - cold techniques.These include room spoiled things in the freezer or the following processing of the gum piece of ice.The second category - hot methods.They are more varied, but not suitable for any thing.These include the use of hot air flow, ironing iron or iron treatment of the affected place.The third category - treatment of a variety of means.With such methods should be as careful as possible to bring chewing gum from clothing, but instead leave a faded spot.They should be treated with acetone or alcohol treatment, chemical sprays or natural oils.


It is the most popular way to remove gum from the jeans, if you did not notice, and sat down on it in the transport or other public place.Jeans should be folded, wrapped in a conventional disposable bag and place in the freezer for 1 hour.This time is enough to make it completely froze, and it was easy to remove from the fabric fibers.Most of the gum should fall off on their own, and the most resistant particles should be scratched with a sharp object.Do this carefully so as not to damage the fabric.

Place the item in the freezer

Ice Cube

If soiled thing is too big to fit in the freezer cell.You can just treat gum stuck an ice cube.It is enough to hold ice on the gum minute, until it is completely frozen.When you need to peel it with a cloth, using a brush with stiff bristles.Particularly useful for this method or drab woolen coats, fur coats, sheepskin coats and fur clothing.However, if you want to scrub the gum from the pants, but the freezer did not help you, try to experience and "ice procedure".

using ice


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If the first two procedures showed zero results, it is time to contact the hot water.Independently carry out this operation does not succeed, you will definitely need an assistant.One of you must pour the boiling water, and the other - to hold the thing and try to scrub the gum with a small brush (ideal tooth).

If you do not see instant results, you need to boil the water in the pan, lower the back section stained trousers or other things and boil for about a minute.Right in the water, try to remove chewing gum from clothing with a brush or any sharp object.After the operation it is necessary to wash item in the washing machine.

Such a method is not suitable for any fabric.You can not boil bright synthetic things, because the paint will shed.You can not be heat treated woolen and delicate fabrics.


Many housewives prefer this method to others.It helps to remove gum from the school uniform pants baby or expensive suit trousers husband.Take an unnecessary piece of any kind of matter or blotting paper, put on top of the stubborn gum and carefully iron the iron.When the gum is moved from clothing to paper, no evil would end.In place of the gum will be slick as grease.It can wash off using washing-up liquid.

Remove the iron

Some housewives are advised to use only paper.In it you need to put the contaminated area face down and iron the fabric iron on the reverse side.Iron is necessary to put on the "Wool" mode and iron to completely dissolve the gum.It should stay on the paper.


Turn the dryer on maximum power and blow on the spot.After the maximum heating rub the dirty portion unnecessary toothbrush.This method is the most hot sparing, so you can use it for wool sweaters, trousers and silk or viscose.


This is an ideal method to clean chewing gum from the bright, colorful things.In a water bath to heat some vinegar to 40 degrees.While it is still hot, mockney it unnecessary old toothbrush in circular motions and treat gum stuck.Such an operation can be carried out without risk to remove stains from blue jeans.

Vinegar against chewing gum Chewing gum

old adage "like cures like" does not lose its relevance.Indeed, some housewives are in no hurry to shove the thing in the freezer or run for the iron.You can try to chew gum two pads, knead it by hand and sharp movements to try to get it ingrained into the fabric pieces.Such a method shows good results, if the fresh contamination.Agree, it is much easier to do than to split hairs with cold and hot water.


Take 1 tablespoon of any oil of vegetable origin and treat gum stuck.Suitable sunflower, peanut or olive oil.Processing vegetable oil shows excellent results, but the main thing in this work do not stain clean tissue sections.If this happens, then immediately apply a grease stain dishwashing detergent and then submit the thing in the washing machine.

Clear the peanut butter

Nail polish remover

Previously, such a method practiced because this is part of the liquid acetone, which helps to clean a lot of serious pollution.It can be used only with natural and washable items.We recommend to use nail polish remover without acetone, because that way you reduce the risk of damage to the thing itself.

As you can see, a chance encounter with a vile things your chewing gum is not so scary, because you can try a lot of people's methods except for special tools and sprays.People often tricks to help wash out any spot quickly and easily.Little tricks, a little effort and the thing looks brand new even after you were going to throw it in the trash.