How to remove gum from clothing - the most effective means

After fun weekend in nature and walks in the woods, in addition to pleasant memories and vivid pictures can be less happy consequences.On the clothes may be stained by the resin from the same forest that brought you so many pleasant emotions.Although such patches may be encountered and the city park.If your child, or maybe you do, love to cuddle with Christmas trees and pine trees, you can also become a victim of this problem.But do not despair.There are several ways to remove gum from clothes without harming the tissue.

To start

Before you proceed directly to the removal, you need something to do.Do not rush immediately to wash the resin with clothes.It has a complex structure, which will not be removed so easily.Therefore, as soon as you notice marks on their clothes resin, try to remove it mechanically.Only need to be careful not to rub her deeper into the tissue structure.You can scrape with a knife or other sharp object.Then put this thing in the freezer.This step will help to remove from clothes resin which depart knife.From a low spot temperature hardened, and dirt residues will be easier to remove.
can say half of the case has already been done.But even after such action on the fabric can be stained.So, we continue operation to remove tar from clothing.

How to remove the stain from the resin?

There are several steps that you might take.They are available to everyone, and these funds are, in almost every home.So to remove resin from the things your family does not take much.

  1. alcohol. You just rub with a clean cloth soaked in alcohol, your spot, and there will be no trace of him.But be patient.The fact that there was a chemical reaction, and fabric fibers remove the remnants of resin, it may take some time, at least 20 minutes.
  2. turpentine or refined petrol. They are not as effective as alcohol, but leave scent.But after washing powder and fabric softener, and this problem can be overcome.If you decide to use a gasoline, then in any case do not take it out of the tank of his car.We need a special, refined, which can be purchased in the store.
  3. Nail polish remover. If the hand is not nothing out of the mentioned, you can use and this means that there is at home in every woman.It acts like any other solvent.
  4. Iron .If you are concerned that solvents can damage the color of the fabric, use a more secure manner.For the procedure, you will need to put a cloth over it and a clean cloth and iron with a hot iron.From the high temperature resin melt and leak in the rags.A fabric remains clean.You will only need a good wash clothes.Instead of cloth, you can use paper towels or other soft paper that is able to absorb pollution.
  5. Means for washing utensils .If the resin was you on the carpet, on the fur products, or in your hair, the first place can be treated with sunflower oil contamination and then dish detergent.With good degreasing properties, it will help to scrub the resin.
  6. Carbonated drinks.You might be surprised by this, but loved by many Cola, Fanta and Sprite have excellent pyatnovyvodyaschimi properties.It is enough to soak them in a spot, and after some time to see the effect.
  7. Stain remover or bleach .In some cases, it is not particularly difficult to wash clothes with a resin and can be by conventional means.

Helpful hints

important to remember that each fabric is different special texture and quality, so these methods are not suitable for any kind of tissue.

For example:

  • acids and alcohols are able to destroy some types of paint;
  • acetic acid and acetone may destroy the fabric of acetate silk;
  • bleaches and alkalis can be used only for white fabrics.

also during the actual processing it is useful to keep in mind some general advice.

  1. to spot from the resin does not spread to the tissue during its removal is necessary to moisten the cloth with water around the polluted site.It will serve as a limiter.You can also sprinkle around talc or starch.
  2. Processing need from the edges of the polluted site in the middle.
  3. If the place of contamination is small, it is more convenient to apply the stain remover with a pipette or a cotton swab.

Good luck!
Now you are aware of what to do in case of unwanted stains on clothes resin.You can start to clean up!