How to clean the paint from clothing - 6 Ways

Each of us, at least once in their lives, to make repairs yourself, or help in this to someone.So the phenomenon of ink stains on clothing is familiar to all.Although, it is not necessary to be a painter or paint fences actively to feel the hard way what it is to clean the pants of paint.It is possible to accidentally lean against the wall or sitting on the bench, over which just worked painters.And our children certainly will not pass side freshly painted sandbox.Or art lessons cover the paint not only paper, but also clothes.Of course, parents are upset to see stained clothes, but do not need to do from this catastrophe.There are effective ways to clean the paint from clothing.So we learn.

main rule

As with any other pollution, the most important thing to begin cleaning as soon as possible.If the paint does not have time to dry and fully impregnate the fiber cloth, then you will have a much better chance to bring her without a trace.Depending on the type of paint will need to use different means.In some cases it will be enough to wash out a strong stream of water, somewhere will need to use a solvent.But always remember that the clothes stained with paint do not need a long time to put in the laundry basket.
As we have said, the paint is different, and therefore the methods of purification of dye fabric will be different.

How to Clean a watercolor or gouache

If your child to draw a lesson overturned the jar with gouache, then clean the jeans from the paint will not be so difficult.It is necessary to substitute the spot under a strong stream of water to dislodge the dye residues.If the stain is fresh, then this is enough.If you already had time to dry out, the procedure can be repeated several times, and then wash thoroughly.High-quality powder easily cope with gouache and watercolor.

How to clean the stain from oil paint

Experienced painters (which have often had to clean the paint with his overalls) share their experience, the best way to deal with these spots.

1. The solvent .Usually where there is oil paint, you can find and white spirit.This solvent is inexpensive and high quality.It effectively and easily help you bring paint from clothing.

2. Oil .As they say, fight fire with fire.If you rub the stain with a cotton pad soaked in vegetable oil, you can clean coat of paint easily.In this procedure, it is important at the bottom put a clean cloth (a towel can be), not to hurt other areas of tissue.

3. Gasoline .It is necessary to purchase a special refined petrol.It is sold in hardware stores.For conventional gasoline may remain on fabric stains.

4. Soap .This method is ideal for white cotton fabrics.In an enamel saucepan pour a liter of water is necessary, add a spoonful of soda and crushed a piece of soap.Bring to a boil, and 10 seconds to lower the contaminated place.This will help to wash the paint from clothing easily.If you do not help the first time, then you need to repeat the procedure.

5. Soap and alcohol .following a gentle method is suitable for the delicate silk fabrics.First you need to rub the stain with a laundry soap.After this process pollution warmed alcohol.Next thing you need to wash in hot water.

6. Alcohol and salt .In that case, if the stain from paint left on the kapron or nylon product, do the following procedure.On the reverse side to wipe the stain with warm alcohol.This will help to scrub the paint easily.Then wash away paint alcohol and saline.

After these recommendations you need not be afraid of repairs and painted the benches.It is only necessary in time to take the necessary steps, and from ink stains on clothing will be over.