How to clean chewing gum from clothes - 6 Simple Ways

of us can sit on the gum, or lean against it in public transport or elsewhere.Or maybe a favorite child comes home from school with traces of gum stuck to the pope or to the knee.Children love the fact stick gum under the desk.What to do after the discovery?Do the thing is hopelessly flawed, and it needs to be spent on rags?Not at all!There are several effective ways to clean chewing gum from clothing.Let's find out.

scrape gum from clothing

As with any pollution, there are important deadlines problem detection.The sooner find pollution, the greater the chance that you can withdraw without a trace spot.So, what can be done.

1. Cold. Perhaps this is the best known way how to remove chewing gum from clothing.Stain the thing you need to put in a bag and stick it in the freezer.Moreover, it is important that the gum itself is not in contact with the polyethylene.If this does not work, the contaminated place should be put on top of the package.The cooling time varies from one hour to one day.Then you can easily clean the fabric of the cud, as it hardens and is easily separated from the fiber.If you can not put the product in the freezer full, you can use an ice cube.It should be dry.To this ice is better to put into the package.Apply cold to get dirty place and wait until it freezes.Then he can easily be cleaned.

2. Chewing gum. Paradoxical as it may sound, but this method really helps to clean chewing gum from clothing.To do this, you need to chew gum before the time, until all the sweetness is gone.Then knead it in your hands so as to stick to the fingers, and you can start.Stain the place you want to process a sticky gum, and it will collect the dirt tracks se.

3. Iron. Such a method is more suitable to clean jeans gum.All the matter in the heat.Not every fabric stand iron, heated to 100 degrees.So be careful, and before you use carefully read the label on the garment tags.So, to clean gum from trousers need to take a piece of paper and through it ironed contaminated place.From gum high temperature melt and stick to the paper.And your clothes will be clean.

4. Solvents. you must also have to be careful not to damage the clothing.For removal of chewing gum suitable solvents such as benzene, acetone, white spirit, nail polish remover.Fleece with this tool must be applied to pollution and to hold.Then separate the remains of chewing gum and a good thing to wash.Pre can hold in bleach, which is suitable for this type of tissue.

5. Spray. In sports stores have a special freezing spray injury.If it is applied to the pollution, the effect will be like from the freezer.Gum zacherstveet and easily moves away from the tissue.

If all else fails?

In the event that none of the above has been effective, it is best to use a radical method of the sixth.

6. Dry .There are professionals not only carefully and effectively clean your clothes from the cud, but also a good otutyuzhat it, so that you will only wear it with pleasure.Workers cleaning the cellar, to cope with this problem, because in their arsenal there is a large set of reagents, which are taking care of fabric quality it clean.

Now you are fully aware of what to do if you accidentally soiled clothing stuck chewing gum.So what surprises are no longer afraid.