September 02, 2016 23:11

How to bring a spot of rust - 6 effective ways

spots of rust can greatly damage not only clothes, but also the mood of the owner.They are easy to get.It is enough to throw the laundry thing with poor-quality metal buttons or buckles.Metal is oxidized and leaves a trail of rusty.From these spots are not so easy to get rid of.Give clothes to the dry cleaners do not always have the material possibility.What to do?How to bring a spot of rust in the home?

There are several ways to cost-effectively be able to help you in such trouble.

Method one: citric acid

necessary to dissolve one teaspoon of acid in a glass of water, heated in a water bath and the solution is lower spot.After some time, all the rust will come down and the thing will be like new.

Method two: lemon

action will be the same as that of citric acid, but you need to remove differently.To display the rust from fabric necessary to drench the stain with lemon juice and iron iron to dry.Or you can wrap a piece of peeled lemon in gauze, attached to the spot and also ironed.So you can easil

y remove the stain of rust.

Method three: acetic acid

To display rust with jeans is necessary to prepare a special mixture.For this purpose, pure water glass is poured two tablespoons of vinegar and the solution warmed to 90 degrees.Then, to derive a rusty spot, it is soaked in the prepared solution for five minutes.Then, the fabric must be washed in warm ammonia solution (two liters of water one tablespoon of ammonia).Bad breath can be removed after the procedure or Fanned thing in the fresh air, or rinsing in the air conditioner.

Method Four: glycerol

to wash out the stain of rust colored fabric must use the following recipe.Take equal parts soap, water and glycerin.This mixture rub the stain and leave for a day.Then you need to rinse and wash.Rust is gone, and the color of the product will remain.The same effect has a mixture of glycerin, water and tooth powder.

Method Five: bleach

Display rust with white fabric, you can use bleach.We need to follow the instructions and soak the clothes in the right amount of time in bleach.After this wash conventional manner.Never use chlorine bleach on colored things, as it can corrode the color will remain white spots.

Before using any of these methods, it is important to make sure that it does not harm the fabric.For this purpose, a small amount of money, you need to put on not prominently fabric and see the reaction.If the color is preserved, we can get down to business.Another must-see on the label of the product.Usually, there is indicated, if, for example, do not bleach or fabric to take to the cleaners.In such a case would have to be cleaned very carefully.

also very important to take precautions when working with chemicals.For example, when heated with acetic acid allocated harmful gases.Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the procedure, not only with gloves on, but in a well-ventilated area.

method of the sixth dry cleaning

If none of the above did not bring the desired result, then most likely it is time to seek professional help.In the arsenal of dry cleaners have substances that can not be used at home, so their effect is much better.

So if you suddenly find on your clothes or dress your child spots of rust, do not rush just to get rid of this thing.Perhaps the above suggestions will help you keep this thing in your wardrobe.