September 03, 2016 23:11

How to withdraw ink from clothes - 12 Ways

Each of us is faced with the problem of stains from ballpoint pens.Whether it is a pen drawings on the child's clothing or furniture, or your own negligence, and it seems that the favorite thing irretrievably spoiled.But do not despair.Modern manufacturers of ballpoint pens using such ink that is much easier to bring than liquid ink to the old fountain pens.

However Handles strife.The cheap pens use less permanent ink.They are not very long hold on paper, but also to wash them in the cellar.If you are using expensive high-quality pens, keep in mind that what they write will not be erased and not fade with time, but also to wash out the stain of such pastes will have to work hard.There are several ways how to get ink from clothing.

As with any spots most important thing to notice and take action.But even if it was a long time to bring a spot of ink from clothes possible.

12 ways to remove stains

  1. handle removal ink.To display the ink stain, you can use a pen.It absorbs ink and then there will be o
    nly a good wash clothes and it does not remain traces.
  2. Stain .If your vehicle is marked OXI, it is appropriate to remove the stain of ink.Just pour the product on pollution, wait a bit and wash.If necessary, repeat the procedure.
  3. Milk .Wash out the stain of ink, you can use milk.It is necessary to hold a spot in the milk and rinse thing.Then wash.
  4. Lemon .It is necessary to squeeze the juice of a fresh lemon on the stain.Leave thing at a time.Then wash well.Ink must move away from the fabric.
  5. Kerosene .If wool fabric ink stain has dried, it can be treated with kerosene.Then wash in warm water.
  6. alcohol .On cotton fabrics stain of ink can be derived with the help of alcohol.It is necessary to rub the stain and then wash the item.
  7. turpentine and ammonia .If colored tissues were old ink stains, they can bring a mixture of ammonia and turpentine in equal amounts.Then wash and rinse thoroughly.
  8. Acetic acid .For many the question arises, what can be deduced from the carpet ink?This helps warmed acetic acid.Clean as follows: a cotton swab dipped in acid and wipe dirty place.After that, once washed with wine alcohol, so as not to damage the paint pile.Thereafter brushed place washed with a mixture of water with ammonia.Observe precautions when heating with acetic acid.The procedure is best done on the street, on the balcony or in a well-ventilated area to avoid poisoning the acid vapors.
  9. Soda and alcohol .Dissolve 1 teaspoon alcohol, 2 teaspoons soda and mix in a glass of water.This solution was treated with the ink stain.
  10. Glycerin and alcohol .If the stain is on a colored cloth, then save color and get rid of this ink will mix.It is necessary to make the solution of the five parts of alcohol, and two parts of glycerol.Apply to the stain.Leave for a while, rinse and wash.
  11. Beer .If ink stains from the left on the polished furniture, wipe the stain with a cloth soaked in beer.Allow to dry.Then rub candle wax contamination place.In conclusion, this place rub woolen cloth.
  12. Matches .To remove ink from oilcloth help sulfur from matches.Soak the area with water pollution, rub the match head.Repeat the procedure several times.Traces should disappear.

Now you are not afraid of no misunderstandings and no ink stains.