September 03, 2016 23:11

How to bring clothes with paint ( water-soluble , oil, acrylic , etc.)

surprises await us everywhere.Of these, there are the problems that can spoil the mood.This could include a colored bench, which did not hang a warning and you sat through negligence.Painted fence or wall at the front.In general, to get a spot on the paint can not only working as a house painter.And even at home, we can not avoid such problems.If you have kids, the drawing harmless, may result in stained clothes.What to do?How to display the paint from clothing?

Much depends on what kind of paint on your clothes.And also on how old the stain.It is much easier to bring a spot of paint, if it is fresh.

So discuss everything in order.

1. Water-soluble paint. These include gouache and watercolor.To cope with these spots quite simple.They are easy to wash out by conventional means.First you need to wash the stain from the inside under running cold water.It knocks out a significant portion of paint from fabric fibers.After that, soak and wash.

2. Tempera. This paint is used for painting works of clay an

d salt dough.Her oil-based, so it will be more difficult to bring.It is necessary to use methods for removing stains from oil paints.This will be discussed below.And to prevent occurrences of stubborn stains, before using the tempera can add to it a little liquid soap.As a result, you can easily bring the paint to fabrics.

3. Oil paint. paints with high content of pigment is difficult to deduce from the fabric.However, if the fresh stain, it will make it much easier.Here are the steps:

  • wet the stain with mineral spirits, kerosene or gasoline.Be careful, and do not use ordinary gasoline, as new spots may appear on it.In stores you can find special refined gasoline, which is suitable to bring paint to the fabric.
  • then rub the stain with a solution of ammonia or heated glycerin.
  • if you paint stained wool thing you can rub it with vegetable oil, then wash
  • wash his hands the thing with conventional soap.

Thus, you can easily bring oil paint.

4. Acrylic paint. Today, most acrylic paints produce a water-based, so bring clothes with acrylic paint does not take much.

That instruction:

  • from the wrong side rinse spot under running cold water.If the stain is fresh, the paint will wash off.Then squeeze the thing.
  • put an item into the washing machine, add the synthetic detergent and choose the duration of the washing in cold water.Repeat if necessary.
  • if after repeated washing the stain remains, then a soft toothbrush should be put detergent and gently rub.
  • then wash again, but already in hot water.

When you search for answers to the question of what can be deduced from the paint coats, dresses or other clothes, do not forget to take into account in addition to all the recommendations of the texture of the fabric and the right wash cycle for it.For example, do not use chlorine bleach for colored things.More advice: if spot chronic , before his breeding a good rub to remove paint residues.You can try to gently remove the top layer of paint blade.And then proceed to the immediate removal of stains.If you have used during injection petrol or white spirit, then it is sure to ventilate the thing to remove the smell of solvent.

Now, if someone asks you what you can bring the paint from clothing, you will be able to give useful advice.