How to remove odor from shoes - proven methods and recommendations

Each of us is faced with the problem of the smell of feet and footwear.If not at home, so his relatives or a neighbor in the train who dared to take off your shoes.What should I do to this problem does not mar life and relationships with others?

Firstly, need to find out the cause of the smell .What she lies: in the sweating of the feet or the whole problem in a shoe.And secondly, to start solving the problem.

What to do when excessive sweating feet?

Increased sweating legs can be caused by a fungal disease or quality footwear.Poor footwear, leather substitutes, does not allow the feet to breathe, as a result they preyut and the humidity and warmth perfect environment for fungi.So check for the presence of foot skin fungal infection, and, if found, proceed to treatment.

also happens physiologically sweating.In this case, help special medicines that reduce sweating.For example, such properties have Formidron, pasta Teymurova, salicylic-zinc paste.Be careful not to apply these funds to the damaged skin.In addition, we developed special deodorant for the feet, which will also refresh them.

course, not forget about hygiene.If you have a problem with sweating, be sure to wash your feet with soap and water twice a day.For disinfection of the feet can make special trays.For example, if you make a decoction of strong tea, and soak the feet in it for about 20 minutes, it will narrow the fine pores and cleans the skin, due to the content of tannins.You can also do the bath with tea tree oil, which is also an excellent antiseptic.

But what if your feet with all fine, but the problem in a shoe?

How to remove the smell of sweat from the shoe?

There may also be some nuances.Shoes can smell by itself, as a result of poor production, or it can soak up the smell of sweat and feet begin to "breathe" at any humidity.

So, how to remove the smell of the shoes if it is initially unpleasant smells?Of course, the best advice - is to buy a good quality leather shoes with dressing materials.But it happens that in the store, among other difficult odors to smell than the smell of your pair.And if you find it at home, then to remove the smell of new shoes, there are a few recommendations:

  1. need to process the inner surface of the shoe with hydrogen peroxide or a solution of potassium permanganate;
  2. fill in the shoes soda, flour or powder, leave overnight and then carefully shake or vacuum;
  3. put on a night in shoes cotton pad soaked in vinegar, then wipe with a solution of ammonia;
  4. process the inner surface of the special deodorant for shoes.

So, with that out.And what if the old shoes smells bad?

There are many ways to remove the smell of sweat from the shoe that you have worn :

  • can use the recommendations that relate to the new shoes.
  • addition, it is important to always dry the shoes, not to allow the bacteria to settle in the moist environment of your boots or shoes.For drying, you must purchase a special dryer for shoes.There are models with optional UV light.It will help to disinfect, and therefore remove the smell of sweat from the shoe.
  • If there is no drying, it is possible to dry yourself.But in any case, do not dry shoes on the battery!From this it is spoiled and will last you much less than they are due.Dry can, if fill the cavity of the boot or shoe newspaper.It will absorb any moisture.
  • better to have for each season for a few pairs of shoes to change them until one pair is dried.
  • is also important to avoid prolonged stay in a closed shoe.Therefore, work or study in change shoes outdoor shoes to give an opportunity to relax and legs and shoes.
  • can use activated charcoal tablets.They have adsorbent properties and will absorb not only moisture, but also an unpleasant smell.
  • Another very important to monitor the hygiene of feet and shoes.To Salduls feet do not have to wear cotton socks.Insoles should always be dried, washed and changed every two to three months.You can get a special insole with antiseptic properties.They will help to preserve the freshness of the shoe.Also, there are insoles with activated carbon, which will also help to remove the odor.
  • for cloth shoes (shoes or sneakers) ideal to remove unpleasant odor - wash them.

All these recommendations are not complicated.So you can easily get rid of such delicate issues as the smell of feet into the shoes.