September 06, 2016 23:13

Getting rid of bedbugs in the apartment - the possible methods of struggle

Not for nothing are many folk sayings quite respectfully evaluate bedbugs.Indeed, the bedbug is a small, but very serious opponent.If such "tenants" were in the house, then drive them is very, very difficult.Small but annoying bugs can poison the life of all people living in the apartment.Getting rid of bedbugs by yourself is quite difficult, but possible.Bedbugs are very gentle creatures and can not tolerate temperatures below -17 degrees and above 45. One of the easiest ways to get rid of bed bugs is the following method: Open all the windows in the apartment and walk away for a few hours, and it is better - for a day.This method is suitable only frosty winter when the outside temperature falls below minus twenty degrees.If the heat is on the street or leave the apartment on the day is not possible, there are many other ways.So, let us try to understand in order to get rid of bedbugs in the apartment.

What are bedbugs

Let's start with the fact that there are bed bugs and bed routine.Getting rid of

bed bugs is much more difficult, as they give birth to nest in mattresses, pillows and other items of bedroom furniture.If you do not know how to get rid of bedbugs, then The following tips are written for you.

Methods of dealing

If you decide to get rid of bed bugs in the home, you should know that there are two methods of destruction of these creatures: physical (simply kill or burn them, wash and vacuum the apartment) and chemical methods (impact on bedbugs different pesticides).The physical method is recommended only use if for any reason there is no possibility to apply chemistry (you can not get out of the apartment, a dog, a little child, etc.).

, you must purchase a special chemical preparation to guarantee to get rid of household bugs.Folk remedies will not work here, because the bugs are very easy to adapt to the poison and old tools are no longer active.The most suitable price and quality agents are drugs such as the "Ministry of Agriculture 22" or "Ultra Efficient".If you want to use something more powerful, you can purchase the products of the third class of danger.But they are not sold in the shop, and in a special organization with a license.The most powerful and well-known drug of the third class of danger is "Sihlor".

necessary to prepare an apartment before the start of treatment.Release it from humans and animals.Fish in the aquarium, you can simply cover tightly with a cloth.Hide all dining items, lay sleeping surface.Spend a wet cleaning to not poison mixed with dust and not stay in the house longer than required.This is followed by carefully spray the drug dissolved in the water in the apartment.Particular attention should be paid to baseboards, corners (especially for refrigerator and cooking tables), doorways and ventilation grilles.Be sure to treat the floor to bugs left the possibility to get away from treated surfaces in other places.After treatment, leave the apartment with the windows open for several hours (only three or four).When he returned, perform wet cleaning, vacuum the furniture, blankets and pillows to remove bugs eggs.After three or four weeks, repeat the procedure for processing flat products either.If done correctly, within a month the bugs should be gone from your life.