September 06, 2016 23:13

How to properly clean the pike ?A few tips

Feast on fish soup from a pike or a piece of fried fish is unlikely anyone will refuse, but how to properly clean the pike do not know everything, but it is significantly impedes its preparation.But to overcome this difficulty is not difficult.Please use the following recommendations and prepare the pike without difficulty.


  1. theory To begin thoroughly wash the fish under running water regardless of whether it is bought or caught fresh.The main task - to clear it of debris and mucus;
  2. Take a cutting board to fish or put it in the sink to get clear of scales.To this end, the head should be on your left and right tail respectively.With the help of a special sharp knife, start to gradually remove the scales in the direction from the tail, while firmly grasping his head.Make sure that the blade adjacent to the fish at an angle - this will help the scales do not scatter.When one side is cleared, you should proceed to the second;
  3. The next step - removing the dorsal fin, tail and abdominal finlets.To
    do this properly, you need to hold the fin fingers of his left hand, holding the knife in the right, carefully cut them in the direction against the scales of growth;
  4. is followed by ripping the belly.It should be shallow to stick a knife near the head and moving down to the end.Remember that during deep penetration of the knife punctured the gallbladder probability is very high, and spilled bile give the fish bitterness;
  5. Carefully remove the entrails and white film, which is located along the ridge of the fish.This is necessary in order to remove blood, located beside it;
  6. now cut off his head and carefully wash the fish under running water.If you wish to clean the pike from the bones.

few tips

qualitatively and quickly to clean the pike need:

  • Use only well-sharpened knives, how to remove fins and scales remover;
  • immediately start cleaning fish after purchase or fishing, because in a few hours to clean the pike will be more difficult;
  • If after washing the fish smell of the river was still names, sprinkle it with lemon juice.

The next time you try to use these guidelines and make sure that it is really possible to quickly clean the pike without making much effort.Who knows, maybe then this is the fish will become your favorite!