How can I see the ants out of the house or garden

can gladly watch a film about the collective wisdom and life in an anthill, but when it comes to face with these insects in your home, there is no place of delight.This not only gives emotional discomfort, but can strike at the whole family's health.The fact that the ants crawling in a variety of places, including feces and other debris, and can then crawl on the dining table.So from them it is necessary to immediately get rid of.But first, find out which ones are most likely to meet.

What are ants

If you live in a private home, the street can migrate black ants.They usually make their homes under the fruit trees or on beds.But over time, and may go on the porch or in the house trim.And from there, and the room is not difficult to get.

apartments for longer characterized by red ants.In some sources they are called Pharaoh.These small ants can become a real disaster for the housewives.They can climb and sugar bowl, and flour, and grits.These insects can be found in the finished products.Sometimes, even in the refrigerator is not going to save them.But is there any measures to destroy the ants?Of course have!They are simple and accessible to everyone.So let's find out how to get the ants out of the house.

methods of struggle

They can be divided into two main methods: the destruction of the colony and the destruction of individuals.For the second method, you can use any spray against insects.It must be applied to the ant tracks.Enemies will drop dead.

However, in that case you can not reach the uterus, which makes these ants.Even with the destruction of most of its ant it can bring new offspring, and your fight will be in vain.To display the ants once and for all need to make sure that the worker ants brought uterus poisoned food.Let's find out how to bring home the ants improvised means.

1. Borax. This poison effectively help you.There are many ways to "packaging" of this substance, ants have taken it for a treat.For example, can be mixed with honey, water and sugar.This solution is necessary to process the tracks of insects.After drinking this water, they will die after a while.You can also make the meatballs by mixing borax with minced meat.These bulbs should be spread out in different places.Bringing this delicacy to the nest, the ants themselves will destroy the colony.

2. Crayon Masha. This effective poison should be applied around the perimeter of the entire surface of the kitchen.This should be a plinth on the floor and ceiling air vents, pipes and so on. When you use this and any other poison, be very careful.Especially if you have small children or pets.Poison for them can even be fatal.

3. Wormwood silnopahnuschih and other products. Ants do not like strong flavors.Therefore, we can always keep an open bag of cinnamon or cloves.It is also possible to have a pot tomato.Smell it tops do not like ants, and they will quickly leave your home.It has the same effect and geranium.It is also possible to use a smoked fish oils or strong odor.

prevention methods

As in the case of illness, the best way to deal with ants at home - is prevention.This includes compliance flawless purity home, especially the kitchen.In that case, if you do not regularly wipe off the table, do not change the cloth to the table, can not stand trash, do not wash the sink and the stove, these small insects accurately find the way to you.It is especially important to observe cleanliness when you could get rid of household ants.The fact that not the entire colony may die.Someone can just go to the neighbors.And, they can easily come back if you will once again be "delicious" places.

So wish you success in this difficult struggle!