How to clean the Burnt pan made ​​of aluminum , stainless steel or enameled

Who has not happened to forget a pot left on the stove?And only sensing the smell of burning, and ran to the kitchen, you know that everything isorcheno not only lunch, but also the dishes.Although food can hardly be rehabilitated, but the pot is quite possible to return to the pristine form.There are many ways to clean the Burnt pan improvised means.But a lot depends on the material of manufacture of your dishes.So consider all individually.

How to clean enamel pot?

  1. As is the case with any utensils should not be delayed for later cleanup.The sooner you start, the more likely that there will be no trace.If you still need to put off cleaning for a while, then fill the pot with water.However, you should avoid sharp contrasts of temperatures so as not to damage the enamel.
  2. On Burnt place pour regular table salt and leave for three hours.Then wash the pot.Repeat if necessary.
  3. burnt milk is the most difficult to clean.In this case, come to the aid of activated carbon from the home medicine cabinet.It is necessary to crush it and put on the burnt place.Leave on for 20 minutes.Then cover with cold water and wait another 20 minutes.Then wash the pot.
  4. To clean baked-enamel pot from the outside, you need to put it in a water bath in a concentrated solution of soda.Boil for one hour, then let cool and wash detergent.This method is very good to get rid of stubborn dirt in the pen, or under the rim.
  5. vinegar can also effectively clean the soot from the saucepan.His need to pour at the blackened spot and leave for two hours.Vinegar, citric acid can be replaced or lemon juice.This method is also effective for descaling.
  6. If you decide to clean enamel pot hand, then in any case do not try to get rid of the fumes with a knife or a metal sponge.This will damage the enamel, and the dishes may appear chips and cracks.It is better to use a hard sponge.

How to clean aluminum pan?

As in the case of enameled cookware, aluminum pan must be handled with care and not exposed to the harsh mechanical treatment.This can damage the metal surface.For cleaning such surfaces it is always better to use a soft sponge and special detergents.To clean the aluminum pot, it is best to take advantage of the following methods.

  • if darkened surface of the pan, it will simply wipe it with a sponge soaked in vinegar.This will give a quick bowl original appearance.
  • soda is an excellent cleaner.It can be used instead of liquid dishwashing and sponge with baking soda to scour the burnt place.
  • to remove the black spots from the bottom of an aluminum pan, enough to boil it cut an onion or an apple.

How to clean the pan made of stainless steel?

As is the case with enamel and aluminum cookware, stainless steel pans can not be cleaned coarse abrasive materials.This may damage the surface and spoil the product.To clean the pan made of stainless steel fit many of the methods listed above.For example, a soda, a versatile product with a mild cleansing properties.If your pan appeared blue and yellow spots, you can use special means for the metal.After treatment, the dishes need a good wash and polish.

Through our advice now you do not take much to clean burnt pot.Still, be careful, and do not forget about preparing food on the plate.