September 09, 2016 23:14

How to Clean a microwave oven - 4 Easy Ways

Microwave makes life easier for many housewives.It can not only heat the food, but also to prepare a variety of dishes in a short time.For singles it is simply irreplaceable thing, because there are many semi-finished products that are right for cooking in the microwave.Also in the rest rooms at the enterprises can not do without this invention.But the more often you use the oven, and more people have access to it, the more relevant question: how to clean the microwave?As a rule, I do not want to spend a lot of time, but when you look at the amount of accumulated fat in the oven, you can drop your hands.However, do not despair.There are many simple ways to clean the microwave.

1. Cleaners

important to remember that to clean the microwave from the fat in any case you can not use abrasive cleaners.The fact that a special coating applied wave reflecting inner surface of the furnace.This coating is very thin, and when cleaning abrasive brushes or iron, it can be damaged.Therefore, you can use only liquid

detergents and a soft cloth.

If conventional detergents are not able to remove the accumulated fat, then try cleaning the microwave citric acid.

2. Citric acid

Use this method at your own risk - is likely to spoil the microwave.

In a deep dish, which is suitable for use in the microwave, pour water and put citric acid.A plate should be half filled with water, so it does not boil over.Put it in the oven and turn on full power for 15-20 minutes.The resulting acid is vaporized and affects field, leave the oven closed for another 10 minutes, and then wipe the inner surface of the cloth.

If the kitchen is not found with a bag of citric acid, it is possible to clean the microwave lemon.To do this in a bowl of water to put half a sliced ‚Äč‚Äčlemon.The effect will be the same.

3. Soda and Vinegar

also clean the microwave can be soda or vinegar.The actions are the same as in the previous paragraph.The plate with water or the need to put a tablespoon of soda or vinegar solution prepared in 1: 4 ratio.Put the plate in the oven and turn it on for 15-20 minutes.Then wait another 10 minutes and wipe the inside with a soft cloth.From soda turns a double effect.In addition to the cleansing of the fat, it promotes shine surfaces.

4. Soap

Many consider it a relic of the past, but its cleaning and disinfecting properties, it is not inferior to many modern facilities.This soap can be used for cleaning the microwave.It is necessary that a good foam and foam applied to the inner surface of the furnace.Leave on for 30 minutes.Then wash off the soap with dirt and grease.

When washing the inside surface, be careful to prevent moisture from getting into the holes.This can lead to breakage.

In addition to cleaning the interior surfaces do not forget to clean the microwave and the outside.Prior to this, be sure to make sure that the oven is switched off from the electrical outlet, so that when the wet cleaning you do not electric shock.Rinse all surfaces should be.Check that the rear lattice not accumulate dust, which may cause overheating and damage to its rapid.To wash the glass on the door, you can use the usual tools that you use when you wash your windows.Also, do not forget to wash the glass tray.It can be washed like normal dishes.Before cleaning the furnace walls do not forget to remove the coarse dirt from the oven chamber.These may be food crumbs and other residues.

As it turned out, to quickly clean a microwave is not that difficult.But that later was it for you even faster and easier, do not forget to cover the food in the oven a special cover.