September 10, 2016 23:02

How to get rid of mold in the bathroom - the causes of , and ways to combat

Mould usually appears in areas with excessive humidity, which does not look sunlight.Bathroom and toilet are downright perfect place for the emergence of mold.The room, which settles this seemingly innocuous plaque, is a danger to the people who are there permanently.Blurred vision, headaches, allergies, and airway problems - this is not a complete list of the harmful effects of black mold on the human body.

quite obvious that the mold is necessary to fight the most decisive methods.Print this harmful fungus is difficult, but still possible, therefore, be discussed in detail, how to get rid of mold in the bathroom.

Causes of mold

For a start it should be noted that the mold easily occurs in those areas where there is no ventilation, or where ventilation is poor.Therefore, the very first step in dealing with mold - repair of ventilation.You must first clean the ventilation shaft and install it exhaust fan.Fans of this type invisible from the outside, and it may be incorporated separately or together

and with inclusion of illumination.After installing ventilation should be addressed to the bathroom door and drill a few holes in it to allow moist air to leave the premises.

Fighting mold

Now you can proceed directly to the destruction of the mold.Good results in the fight against mold shows bluestone and chlorinated agents.There is another means to try out to get rid of the mold - boric acid, vinegar, water and hydrogen peroxide are mixed in a ratio of 1: 2: 2: 4.Such a mixture whitens the surface affected by mold, as well as destroying fungus.Modern chemical industry offers a much more effective and safe anti-fungal agents.

Before you purchase protivoplesnevoe agent should carefully read the instructions, which are usually placed on the label.If the mold in the apartment is available, you need to select a tool that helps get rid of black mold, destroying it, and for prophylactic purposes it is better to use a drug that prevents the appearance of mold.

Affected areas of the wall covering must be removed, and then dried by means of a wall of building dryer or a conventional heater.When processing
walls, regardless of what they will be processed must always work in a respirator and gloves.

Once you manage to get rid of mold in the bathroom, be sure to treat the walls of antifungal agents to prevent the occurrence of mold in the future.

mandatory to check the operation of cranes and replace defective gaskets, since the constant water leakage contributes to excessive moisture, thus provoking the emergence of the fungus.