September 10, 2016 23:02

How to Clean iron from scale - 10 Ways

Whatever quality you may use an iron, at a certain point of time you encounter the problem of carbon deposits on the iron!A small mistake and the iron can not be used.But do not despair!In this article you will learn how to clean the iron deposit.

Clean the iron with improvised means

First you need to stock up on everything you need.You will need a large table salt, paraffin candles, soft cloth, hydrogen peroxide, a matchbox, vinegar, soap, soda and nail polish remover.All this there will have any hostess.So you can quickly and easily start cleaning of the iron deposit.

Attention!Using all the above methods at your own risk, in some cases, you risk to spoil your iron, so be careful!

Method 1
on heavy paper need to pour a little salt.Iron very hot and could move on to the crystals of salt until a deposit has not come down.For best results, add salt to finely istёrty from paraffin candles.

Method 2
paraffin candles wrapped in cotton thick cloth.Then scour candles hot iron.Candle will melt, so

you need to tilt the iron to wax dripped into a prepared pan.It is important to remember, because if you fall into the wax iron hole, then later can ruin your stuff when ironing.After cleaning the remnants of wax and dirt must be removed.

Method 3
a handful of salt to put in cheesecloth, and carefully rub the heated iron.Nagar quickly descend.

Method 4
can use matchbox.It is necessary to heat the iron and clean the soles strip sulfur from a box of matches.Better to take a new box to the sulfur layer was intact.

Method 5
Take a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, moisten a cotton ball in it and rubbing the sole of the iron, remove carbon deposits.You can also use the tablet gidroperita.Tablets are to be could move on very hot iron.Be careful, as it will be allocated an unpleasant odor, so it is better to open the windows.Nagar peel and can easily be removed with a damp cloth remnants gidrorperita.

Method 6
in acetone or vinegar to moisten a cotton pad and rub the working surface of the iron.After removal of the varnish on the iron, wipe it with a piece of wool.If the deposit has not moved away, then turn off the iron, let it cool a little and put it on the night, soaked in vinegar on a rag.The raid soften, exfoliate and it can be removed with a soft cloth.

Method 7
to the hardware store, you can buy a special pencil for cleaning soot from the iron.To use it, you need to heat the iron and rub a pencil.Then wipe the sole cloth.If you have chosen a quality pen, the iron will be clean after a new, more smooth and gliding.

The above methods can help you quickly remove soot from the iron at home.They are also suitable for cleaning teflon irons.However, for such a delicate and sensitive units, there is another, more gentle way.

Method 8
necessary to heat the iron and place rub soap contamination.This method is particularly effective for fresh stains.

Method 9
If the surface of the iron accidentally stuck polyethylene, then this track can remove the nail polish remover.

method 10
You can also use baking soda.It is necessary to mix it with water, moisten a cotton pad in the solution and rub in a circular motion cool iron.Then rinse the iron surface with a sponge dipped in clean water, and wipe with a soft cloth.

important to remember that you can never clean the iron coarse abrasives or knife.This damages the working surface of the iron, and can lead to further problems.

also all know that prevention is better than cure.Therefore, after each use iron, wipe it with a soft cloth sole.