September 11, 2016 23:02

How to get rid of pigeons on the balcony - forget all about pesky birds !

main problem with most people living in high-rise buildings - a dove, taken a liking to the balcony.These beautiful birds are delivered a lot of inconveniences: coo, marking on the visor, noise, their nests and, of course, contaminate the balcony droppings."Getting rid of pigeons on the balcony?" - The question daily asked by many people.Deal with the problem is difficult enough, but if you have patience and to make every effort, the result will be - quiet and clean balcony.

To begin to determine, for some reason it attracts balcony .Maybe it has convenient places for nesting.For example, an old wardrobe, bedside table, wheel, box.If you remove all items from the balcony, pigeons never will not to nest on the bare floor.In the case where there is no possibility to clean the balcony, can be covered by a blanket or cellophane all vending surface.

deters pigeons

Scare , and thereby discourage birds from the balcony, help reflective objects, such as foil or disks.The foil must be cut into strips and a

ttach on the visor, as well as it can hang around the balcony.The noise and the light emanating from the foil, deter pigeons.Reflective effect and have wheels.They should fasten to the outer surface of the walls and balconies.

not always pigeons fly to the balcony with a view to settle on it.Very often, the birds prefer to sit or trample on the visor.But to solve this problem is easier than to get rid of pigeons on the balcony.If stretch twine or thick thread, and preferably several, five inches above the sill, the pigeons will not be able to catch him.No less effective method - to grease the surface of the visor with vegetable oil or petroleum jelly.The tabs will slide, and pigeons can not resist.

Pigeons - timid birds, they scare easily .Currently on the market sold a lot of special devices that are able to scare them.It can be: sound repellents, a stuffed crow, various noise and shiny objects.In addition, if there is no possibility to glaze the balcony, you can pull a net or a few rows of fishing line.Thanks to them, the pigeons will not be able to get inside the balcony and build a nest.

most efficient, but more time-consuming, way to deal with noisy residents - it ravage nests.If on the balcony there was a nest, then it should be discarded.This procedure is necessary to perform with every newly built nest.After some time, the pigeons leave the balcony, since any adverse conditions for breeding.In the case where there is already in the nest eggs, they should be removed and put in their place the egg-dummy.At the appointed deadline chicks appear, and the pigeons fly away and not come back.In places where the birds are not able to bring offspring, they do not come back.

Whichever method was not chosen in the first place, it must be humane.