How to eliminate toxins : products and medications that can help you

sending man to earth, God knew that places it in an aggressive external environment, primarily composed of pure fresh air, clear waters and an incredible amount of natural, healthy and environmentally friendly food.Having an idea of ​​the latent tendencies of his favorite child, the Creator, in any case, made in its design the mechanisms of self-purification of the body, including the colon, liver, kidneys, as well as the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Once Andrei Makarevich singing (in another context): "too early to save themselves, too late - the country."Salvation of the country - for the scope of this article, but for those of our readers who are willing to start to save ourselves, we'll show you how to remove toxins from the body.For any given citizen of the planet, even if it can not affect the ecology of the environment, showing willpower, able to significantly improve their personal health up to the original.

Way penetration of toxins in the body

accepted that people eat natural organic foods, drink water and breathe a mixture of gases, called air.At the same time of day a person consumes about 20 kg of air, approximately 4 liters of water (beer also considered) and 2 kg of food.Of course, here are averages, indicative data, since accurate depends on many parameters.However, even these data suggest that most of the toxins from the aggressive environment it enters the body with air.But there are other sources of delivery.

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Treatment of intestinal dysbiosis

The fact is that in recent years people are increasingly breathing a mixture of gases, very different from the one that appears in the project, eats the food is still of organic origin (called natural inmostly for marketing reasons), and the drinks ... but you yourself know everything.So quickly remove toxins from the body is possible only in the case when they got there in a short time and a fair amount of free snacks.A very effective method for this situation must be recognized provoke vomiting reflex.But, joking aside, as our article is not about that.

So, toxins enter the body from the air, polluted by industrial, avtomoblnymi and other harmful emissions.This danger is especially important for residents of large cities.The water, which many of us use for drinking and cooking, according to the revelations of the familiar quiet environmentalist, in developed countries does not hold on to the technical specifications (such water can not even wash your car).Quickie and "almost" natural food, containing no additives like, so nitrates, also makes feasible contribution to the accumulation of toxins by our body.

methods of removing toxins from the body

Hindus recommend not to get attached to the outcome.But we are with you until the Indians, so in the elimination of toxins from the body the overwhelming majority expects a positive result.To hope to materialize in full, it is very useful for beginning to identify and eliminate the source of malicious activity.

Bad habits to change the useful: to give up smoking and alcohol, eat only natural foods, drinking and cooking use pure (good - you can buy purified) water.Ideally - to leave the smoke of the city and lead a healthy, active lifestyle in the countryside.

If it is feasible (and would like to believe that it is so), you should pay particular attention to the products of leading out the toxins from the body.First of all, it's fiber.Since any effective therapy is carried out in a specific pattern, it is necessary to consider that first cleans the colon.The fiber contained in vegetables, fruits and grains is good cleans the intestines.One of the best "internal" and scrubs while the sorbent is bran.

more mild purification method can be considered the use of jelly.If you ever had to pour fruit jelly in a cup having a hard washable plaque from tea, and drink the jelly until the next day, then you know how easy to clean the porcelain surface.Something similar happens with the intestines.

In cases where the location change is not possible, and the harmful effects of the environment persistently make themselves felt unpleasant symptoms usually used drugs, putting out the toxins from the body.Apply them, of course, should not be on your own, as directed by your doctor.Specialist, studying history, will decide on the necessary appointments.If a trip to the clinic is forced to be postponed, then, as a temporary measure, you can take enterosgel: besides intestinal atony contraindications to its use there.

believed that a person consists of water by 75% (some probably even more), so it is appropriate to remove toxins using clean water.This recommendation applies as when using traditional methods and with medication.Water will be useful not only for internal use, but also for regular irrigation of the largest human organ - the skin.Toxins, passing through the pores and precipitating on the skin, providing almost as harmful effects that are inside.

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