September 18, 2016 23:04

How to get rid of acne at home?good advice

Alas, acne - this is not a teenage problem.Often when his teenage years behind long-pimples all also persecute people and deliver a lot of difficulties.Especially prone to acne owners of oily skin, because they have oil glands work very intensively and clog the skin ducts.This in turn triggers the inflammatory process and everything resulting from it backfires.But fortunately, you can get rid of blackheads folk remedies, as well as the following simple but useful advice.

facilitates their fate

In order to get rid of blackheads and acne should be excluded from their lives every effort that contributes to their emergence.In some cases, this may even mean change habits and diet.Why?Because acne promotes a sweet, fatty and rich food seasonings.The same applies to flour products, alcoholic beverages and foods containing caffeine.It may be true that acne is an allergic reaction to some food, so it is necessary to define them and also to stop using.

As habits, very often people allow stress and negative si

tuations to take over a top.As a result, they accumulate negative emotions and negative attitudes, but this is only activates the sebaceous glands and promotes acne.Therefore, you must learn to avoid things that cause negative feelings, to learn not to focus on them, and thus prevent the occurrence of acne.

A few practical advice

One of the answers to the question: how to get rid of acne at home is recommended to treat skin.After all, if it is not cleaned regularly and thoroughly, then it will appear acne.Therefore it is necessary twice a day to clean the face and body by means of washing and skin care.

often need to quickly get rid of acne, because it often occurs at the most inopportune moment.To do this:

  • 2 times a day to wipe the acne salicylic acid (2% solution).It has an antibacterial effect and dries the skin.Another positive side of it is a low cost;
  • Use chamomile broth.To prepare it, you need to pour boiling water over chamomile, insist 20 minutes and strain.Broth can wash, replacing them water, and used for poultices.During inflammation can be done several times a day wetting in chamomile broth, or cotton cloth and applying it on the face.It is also effective against acne frozen cubes of broth.They need to wipe the face after washing and wipe it with a towel;
  • make masks.When inflammation is recommended to make a mask of concoctions.It can be purchased at the pharmacy.This powder should be diluted with hot water to form a thick slurry and apply on face.After 10 minutes rinse.Bodyagi has drying effect and cleanses the pores.The condition and appearance of the skin is significantly improved after the application, but such a mask is better to do in the evening or a few hours before leaving the house, because after the skin may be reddish.

Another very effective honey mask.For its preparation were mixed in equal amounts (50 g) of honey and olive oil, 1 egg yolk was added.Stir and put on 20 minutes on the skin.Then, wash and wipe dry with a face.This mask tightens pores and makes the skin smooth.

now seeing acne on the face, you can not be disappointed, but with the help of simple and accessible tools to quickly get rid of them without leaving your home!