September 18, 2016 23:04

How to remove a fatty tumor on her face ?Can you do it yourself ?

Appearance - this is the first, in most cases, what to pay attention to people.It is not surprising that many of them are concerned about how they look, what to wear and how to put them hair.But we have to admit that while some of the shortcomings of appearance can be adjusted, while others may remain unchanged throughout life.

skin condition also affects the assessment of a person's appearance, so it is necessary to pay special attention.One of the problems that are associated with the skin - education wen better-known in medicine as a lipoma.They are under the skin, and are composed of adipose tissue.Although the physical discomfort (pain, itching, etc.) they do not deliver, psychologically, their occurrence could adversely affect the person, among other things because they have the ability over time to increase in volume.If initially talc may not be more than 1 mm, the resolution in the time it can reach several centimeters.Particularly unpleasant formation of lipomas on the face, where they are ver

y visible.Therefore nilly the question arises: how to remove the talc on the face in the right way and do not hurt yourself?


Contrary to preconceived opinion should immediately be noted that on the face to remove the talc in the home possible.Anyway, there are some simple guidelines to help in this, and they should use.Here are just some of them.


To do this, you need to purchase alcohol tincture of calendula / boric alcohol / salicylic alcohol.Last is available in sticks or pencils, which facilitates its use.Using one of these tools, you can get rid of the wen on his face, if they handle twice the available education (eg, morning and evening, or vice versa).After re-application will be clean wen.This method is particularly effective when its small size and location be under the eyes;

Pierce and remove

Immediately it is worth mentioning that this procedure is painful, but the effect is as stated on the face.To get rid of the white pimple on your face this way you need to take:

  1. needle, without defects and rust
  2. alcohol (preferably medical)
  3. Healing Gel

first needle disinfected with alcohol, and then pierce wen and gently remove subcutaneouseducation.Then disinfect the wound and it is applied to the gel for faster healing.After this procedure for several days redness at the site of intervention can be observed;


This is the long duration method, but is also quite effective.(As the iodine is absorbed immediately, it is better to carry out the procedure in the evening after coming home and bedtime) To use it, you at the pharmacy to buy iodine solution (5% alcohol) and they do cauterization twice a day.You have to be careful and apply the solution Dot without touching the skin near wen, otherwise it will burn;

Application masks

In order to remove the talc under the eyes and on the face, you can apply some dot masks.For example:

  • bows.A small amount of onion rubbed on a grater, the resulting slurry is applied to the skin lesions and fix it (eg via a patch).It is desirable to compress the whole night stand, and if you can not, then repeat the procedure twice.In most cases this is enough to talc opened and can be removed;
  • From vegetable crude oil.It is necessary to boil, salt the and without cooling the applied locally on the talc.So you can do every day as long as the problem area is formed on the crust.After that she will disappear along with the subcutaneous form.

intervention specialists

Although in some cases remove the talc can be alone, we should not neglect the advice of doctors.This is especially true wen on the eyelid, if they do not appear in isolation, but in bulk or if their size is more than 10 millimeters (this applies to entities, regardless of location on the body).Why is it necessary to act in this way?

Firstly, because the doctor more information about this issue, and it can really advise to effective remedy.This greatly saves your time that otherwise you can spend on the selection of appropriate means for you and it is not known how long it will take.And at times and did not have anything to pick up, because the problem can be solved in only one way - through surgery, and it can not do without a doctor.

Also, there are situations in which you want to be treated talc, and not just delete them.After all, if they appear again and again in different parts of the body, it is necessary to fight the cause, not the effect.And for this it is necessary to adjust the power mode of the day, to check the work of metabolism in the body and liver function.In short, it is hard work specialist, without the help of which it is impossible to cope.