September 18, 2016 23:04

How to get rid chiriya - recommended procedures

Due to a cold or a general weakening of the body, chirii may appear on the body.This is a very painful inflammation with purulent content.They can appear anywhere on the body, and are divided into several types.

chiriya How to get rid of?For this purpose, it is necessary to apply a series of treatments.

Recommended procedures

First of all, can not in any case they squeeze.Moreover, it is not always possible, as the pain when touched very strong.The extruded chiry can leave a scar on the body, or to begin to progress.For proper treatment, you can use traditional medicine or go to hospital.How can I get rid of chiriya folk remedies?

If inflammation is the outward manifestation of that is external, it is necessary to apply a bandage.This is done simply.Bent, folded several times, soaked with ointment "Vishnevsky" and placed on chiry.Above you can put a material that will not soak through the dressing ointment.Now this place tape up or it is applied plaster, in the case if the place is not easy.

ointment in a sling, should be on the body is not less than a day.When a new patch is applied, as long as the ointment is not "pull" all the purulent mass to the skin surface.After chiry should "break", and the whole mass to go outside.Prior to this, we need regular bandage with ointment.After the burst, the wound is treated with antiseptic and bandage again, for healing.Thus, it can fairly quickly get rid of chiriya and turn it into a simple wound.Now you can use any ointment, healing action.

If chiry become inflamed and penetrate into the body, it is difficult to find, or rather, a diagnosis.Treatment of this kind carried out in the hospital, and often requires surgery.

What else can you do

now about how to get rid of chiriya if they have multiple spread throughout the body.Such cases happen, and some people are constantly taking place.Chirii appear in several places, and can cause additional symptoms.Temperature and complications.Can be treated as described above, but as the treatment should add more funds.

This lotion warm solution of salt or tinctures to reduce pain.Also, you need to take anti-inflammatory pills that relieve the inflammation process, thus preventing the emergence of new and allow you to quickly get rid of chiriya.

Just need to see a doctor, who will appoint a special treat, and prescribe pills.With the advent of this serious disease, such a decision should be taken for granted.

In order to avoid potential complications, it is necessary to follow some rules.In no case does not heat the place, where there was an inflammatory process.This will only worsening and complication.It is understood that chiry is an inflammatory process arising in the muscle tissue, and to treat it, you need to take him out.

To print out, ointments, fried onions, plants have "pulls" properties under tight bandage.The main objective is the conclusion of inflammation of the tissue out, and then from it remains only to wound, which is not difficult to treat.

In order to avoid this disease, you should dress warmly and less catch a cold.