September 19, 2016 23:05

How to get rid of the spur on the heel - symptoms, diagnosis , treatment

There were pains in the heel, especially strong in the morning and after a short walk sagging and receiving diclofenac?Most likely, your diagnosis of heel spurs.

What are heel spurs?

First of all, this involution (that is manifested as a result of age-related changes) process in the plantar surface of the calcaneus.It is manifested in the place of attachment of the Achilles tendon and affects all the surrounding tissue.Due to the fact that the process involved in the inflammatory and nerves, there is pain of varying intensity.


main complaint of patients - a pain in the heel area.They may be the sole side and spread to the entire stack.The most intense pain, so-called "start" occurs in the morning.It diminishes with increasing motor load on the legs.The disease can occur acutely or chronically leaking.In the first case, the person loses the ability to greatly rely on the foot because of severe pain syndrome.In the second - his discomfort disturbs daily, but there is no disability.


Confirm the diagnosis of heel spurs is quite simple.On x-ray, it looks like a small bony outgrowth in the form of the beak in the calcaneus.Used and ultrasound diagnostics.This method allows to determine the condition of the soft tissues involved in the process.


Thanks to advances in modern medicine to get rid of spurs on his heels became possible.The first thing you need to address with complaints disturbing you to a surgeon or traumatologist clinics.He will appoint an X-ray examination of both (very important!) Heel areas.Snapshot confirm or exclude the diagnosis.Further therapy begins with the most simple and painless methods:

  1. Wearing orthopedic insert in the shoe.It has a horseshoe shape and serves as a relaxation of the central portion of the patient, distributing the load on the edges of the foot;
  2. Use of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) That drugs such as diclofenac, nimesulide, ketoprofen, ibuprofen, meloxicam, and others.They relieve inflammatory syndrome, thereby exert their therapeutic and analgesic effects.However, one should be careful when taking these drugs.They are contraindicated in individuals with peptic ulcer disease.Serving drugs of this group should be only after a meal.
  3. Topical application of ointments from the same group.Since the skin of the foot is quite rough, so the drug should be rubbed very carefully 2 - 4 times a day.
  4. physiotherapy will also help get rid of the spur on the heel.High efficiency has ultrasound with hydrocortisone ointment, laser therapy, ozokerite.
  5. The next effect of the power of therapy have paraneural blockade.That is the medicine most often hormonal (kenalog, diprospan) is introduced directly into the heel area.The analgesic effect occurs quite quickly and stored for a long time.
  6. With the ineffectiveness of conservative methods of treatment, get rid of the heel spur, help deep radiotherapy.However, it is associated with high irradiation.
  7. most new and safe treatment technology is a shock-wave therapy (SWT).But the devices for carrying out the procedure are often only in major medical centers and paid.

Now you know very well how to get rid of the spur on the heel, how to relieve the pain and the basic modern methods of radical treatment of the disease.