September 19, 2016 23:05

How to bring salt from the body - effective methods and recipes

salt deposition is very urgent problem of our time.And often it is the lot not quite elderly.The reason is sedentary, disturbances in the metabolic processes and poor diet.So that diseases such as low back pain and gout today's hearing at all.But how to get salt from the body?Is there any effective methods?And is it possible to do it at home?Let's find out the answers to these questions.

to bring salt from the body to begin to determine which salt you.The fact that they are different, and how to deal with them is also different.

In the upper part of the body deposited white salts, phosphate (osteochondrosis), in the lower extremities - urate (gout), and oxalate - throughout the body muscles.To determine any excess salt in your body, you can take a urine sample.When you learn what you need specifically to fight, then you will come to the aid of grass, putting out salt from the body.Check out some of the recipes.

  1. If you suffer from pain in the neck, back and spine or headaches of unknown origin, it is
    likely that you have low back pain, which means excess of white salt.A good tool in this case is of tea pear shoots.It should be cut into small pieces 3 pears the shoot about 15 centimeters long, pour into a saucepan two liters of water, boil for 15 minutes and to insist 40 minutes.Take a daily basis.For the first time, can begin aggravation and pain increase.But we need to be patient and the results will not take long.
  2. When the deposition of urate salts is an excellent means of knotweed grass.However, it can irritate the renal epithelium, so it is best used in combination with other vegetable raw materials.For example, it is possible to prepare charge of Knotweed (knotweed), strawberry leaves and currants (in the ratio 1: 2: 2).Cooked herbs, pour a glass of boiling water and infuse 40 minutes.Take ¼ cup.After a month of admission must be done a week break.A treatment is carried out as long as the urine will not be precipitate.
  3. For the treatment of deposits oksolatnyh salts effectively use the beneficial properties of grape mustache.To prepare the medication you need to take a teaspoon of finely chopped grape mustache and pour a glass of boiling water.Let stand 40 minutes.Take ¼ cup four times a day.After a month of admission must make a ten-day break and continue treatment until symptoms disappear.Instead of whiskers can be used sprigs of grapes.

In addition to these basic methods of treatment there are many other effective recipes.For many, a good means of steel bay leaf and rice in the body clean from salts.How to use them to bring salt from the urine?Let's find out.

Useful properties of laurel is retained even when drying.To bring salt from the kidneys, it is necessary to take 25 leaves the sheet and pour two cups of boiling water.Then boil for five minutes in a sealed container and pour into a thermos.Let it brew for eight hours.Take one tablespoon of half an hour before a meal.Take three days.Between admission to do a week's break.Such gentle treatment must be followed in order not to overload the kidneys.

Rice diet is able to deal effectively with the deposition of salts.But in order that the rice provided an action it is necessary to prepare.To do so within a week is necessary to soak rice in water to all starch released.Every day you need to change the water.As a result, it should be transparent.Next to this the rice to cook porridge.Without salt and butter.Eat it for breakfast, for 40 days.Such a diet can replace all drugs, putting out salt.