September 19, 2016 23:05

How to clean the intestines without enema - drugs , herbs and traditional medicine

So much talk lately about cleaning the body.We offer different techniques, diet and recipes.Is all this so important?Should I spend the time, energy and money?

The answer is simple: certainly worth it!The fact is that when a large slagging organism disrupted its systems and organs.As a result, you can often get sick from respiratory diseases, sense weakness, malaise, headaches and many other symptoms of unknown origin for you.And the reason may be just slagging.

To cleanse the body in the first place it is necessary to take up the intestines.The fact that there can be up to 25 kg slag stones on its walls.Also in its folds may accumulate toxins, bacteria and even mold.Therefore, failing to properly clean the intestines, you can not only improve their health, but also to lose weight.

first thing that comes to mind when thinking about purification - is to put a cleansing enema.Yes, perhaps it can quickly and effectively bring all the dross.However, along with them, and kill all the beneficial microflora

.What to do?How to clean the intestines without enemas?

There are many recipes and ways to do it.This technique of special medicines and traditional medicines, and herbs, and feeding habits.Let us all in order.

preparations, cleansing the intestines

The pharmacy can be found many of these resources.Many of them have a laxative effect, but some have a more dramatic effect and actually able to clear your intestines of all toxins.One of the most effective tools is the powder "Fortrans".This drug, cleanses the intestines, usually prescribed to prepare for operations.But it is also suitable for cleaning the body.Before use, carefully read the instructions and a list of contraindications.

also quickly clean the intestines, you can use Epsom salts or magnesium sulfate powder.

traditional medicine

Clear intestines folk remedies in several ways.The most famous and effective of them is a special porridge.This recipe is used to deliver the children of the operation when they swallow inedible objects.We must take in equal amounts of rice and oats.Wash, add water and cook until thick.There is such a mess should be no oil, lightly podsolёnnuyu in the morning instead of breakfast.This dish can bring all the remains of undigested food, all foreign objects, as well as heal the damage to the intestinal walls.

There are another popular recipe to cleanse the bowel at home.It is necessary to grind the glass of sprouted wheat, fill it with carrot juice or honey, and top thickly sprinkled with ground walnuts.You can also add fresh herbs, such as chopped leaves of lemon balm, mint, dill, parsley, cilantro.This dish when taken regularly, not only cleanses the intestines, but also enhances immunity.

herbs, cleansing the intestines

laxative effect has a lot of herbs.These include senna leaves, buckthorn bark, fennel fruit, and others. But most of these herbs are prescribed for minor constipation.For greater effect, you can use a special recipe collection of herbs, bowel cleansing.It also cleanses the liver and blood.We need to take elecampane roots, Immortelle flowers, flax seed, buckthorn bark, a succession of grass, rose hips, horsetail herb, nettle leaves nettle, yarrow grass and herb St. John's wort.One tablespoon of prepared raw material, pour a glass of water and boil in water bath for 25 minutes.Allow to cool for 45 minutes.Then drain the water and bring the volume to the original.This decoction drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day before meals.The course of treatment for up to six months (after a month of admission must make a break for two weeks).

products, cleansing the intestines

Everyone knows that the products, cleansing the intestines are beets and prunes.But besides them there are others who with a special use, also have a laxative effect.But you can not abuse such purification techniques.Everything should be in moderation.

  • Apple cleansing. Two kilograms of apples should be eaten throughout the day for 5 or 6 receptions.On this day, you need to give up coffee, and it is better to drink herbal tea and mineral water.Apple a day can hold no more than once a month.
  • Purification using juice. You can use any fruit juice.On this day you can not eat anything.In addition to the juice you can drink mineral water without gas.This cleaning must also be carried out no more than once a month.
  • Bran. addition to bowel cleansing, they promote weight loss.It should take two tablespoons of bran for 15 minutes before eating and to wash down with a glass of water.This should be done three times a day.

addition to special diets and recipes is important to watch your diet.To improve digestion and purification of natural bowel enemas without need before each meal to drink a glass of water.It is also important to eat more plant foods, as fiber promotes better peristalsis.