September 19, 2016 23:05

How to get rid of toxemia of pregnancy - Causes and Treatment

What is morning sickness?

toxicosis is considered painful and uncomfortable condition during pregnancy, manifested by nausea, vomiting, salivation.

Depending on the timing of the onset of symptoms, morning sickness can be an early (before 12 weeks) and late (after 20 weeks of pregnancy).
Adrift it can be mild, moderate and severe, which is determined by the number of vomiting episodes per day, the general condition and performance of blood tests and urine tests.

Why does morning sickness?

Science PPE to now can not give an unambiguous answer to the question of why there is a toxicosis.There is a lot of theories as to its occurrence, including immunological, hormonal, genetic and psychological.However, in most cases, toxemia of pregnancy occurs due to a combination of several of these factors.

How does morning sickness?

toxicosis in early pregnancy - is often nausea, vomiting, heartburn, and drooling.

According to statistics, toxicosis occurs in about 90% of women, most of whom carry it easily.How

ever, some pregnant women lose performance, feeling very bad.

How to deal with the toxicity?

woman in an interesting position, it does not matter how and why there was morning sickness, but how to get rid of toxemia of pregnancy.
It is important to remember that the methods to combat this unpleasant phenomenon must be chosen depending on the severity of its symptoms.For example, to get rid of severe toxicity (vomiting up to 20 times a day, weakness, severe weight loss) in the home will not work, needed urgent hospitalization.

A in mild toxicosis can try to alleviate his condition, using some of these tips.

daily routine at a toxicosis:

  1. daily outdoor exercise should be compulsory.pregnant women often swayed in transport, it is better to get to the right place on foot (if the distance).
  2. After the meal, better to lie down for a few minutes and relax.
  3. sure to alternate physical activity with rest.

nutrition rules during toxicosis:

  1. In the morning you can not get out of bed hungry, you eat an apple, crackers or cookies in the supine position.All this should be prepared the night before.This method of dealing with morning sickness is simple, but very effective.
  2. Nutrition should be a fraction (small portions, but often) every 2-3 hours.
  3. Food should not be too hot.
  4. At itself always need to have crisps, nuts, slices of fruit (anything like) in case of hunger.
  5. helps with toxicosis frequently drinking small quantities.

Get rid of toxicity during pregnancy will help people's councils :

  1. Infusion of sage, mint and chamomile helps reduce salivation.
  2. Infusion of valerian, calendula, yarrow and mint calms the nervous system, eliminates intestinal spasms and normalizes digestion.
  3. useful to drink chamomile tea, infusion of rose hips and cranberry juice.
  4. Glass of water with 1 spoon of honey on an empty stomach - a good remedy for nausea.
  5. pumpkin pumpkin juice or broth with lemon helps to reduce vomiting.
  6. Because of its sour taste, citrus fruits (lemons, oranges) to help with toxicosis.

Medicines toxicity

Vomiting appointed antiemetics, as well as vitamin C and the B vitamins, to improve digestion can take cholagogue preparations.However prescribe medicines can only be a doctor, these treatments require toxicosis moderate to heavy.

Many doctors recommend aromatherapy, acupuncture and acupressure, as it is possible to get rid of toxicity and ways.However, you should not self-medicate.Before you try to imagine any method, you should consult with an expert in this field.

Pregnant women should be aware that if the deterioration of the appearance and warning signs (loose skin, fever, severe weakness, palpitations, increase or decrease pressure) need to see a doctor.Severe morning sickness is rare (about 2% of cases), but requires medical intervention, ie. A. Can cause the death of the fetus and the mother in the absence of adequate assistance.