How to remove a hornet's nest : how to destroy a hive in the home or at the cottage

In modern urban apartments, usually installed window systems that do not give the possibility of flying insects to enter the home from the outside.But there is a garden, where people come to relax and to take up the healthy lifestyle townspeople.Life in the country like the idyll: fresh air, birds singing, the fruit straight from the tree and vegetables from the garden only.There comes a time to make raspberry jam.Suddenly - in the attic found a large "paper" nest full of wasps.

And then it is good-natured and friendly, at first glance, a person becomes suddenly vicious and uncompromising destroyer seeking, in that whatever was to destroy the hornets' nest.In the course are dichlorvos and kerosene, foam and smoke bombs, soapy water and packets of insecticide, a bucket of water and plasma torch with a subsequent call MOE team.

If you try to stop the panic, it is possible even to summarize the accumulated experience in an irreconcilable struggle.

methods of getting rid of wasp nests

Before deciding how to remove a hornet's nest, it may be useful to begin to detect, assess the risks and, in the case of imminent military action, to act depending on the situation.All known methods are reduced to two options for effects: the destruction and forced relocation.Both for safety reasons it is best carried out in a period of minimal activity of insects - in the cool time of the year or, in extreme cases, at night.In any case, we need a tight protective suit, gloves, ideally - a beekeeper mask.

Tough measures related to the destruction

  • Thick plastic bag gently rub on the nest, which is then separated from the surface to which the socket is attached, and then quickly and firmly close the bag.The process of destruction package together with a nest depends on the imagination of the artist.Most often burned in the intense flames of the fire, or by placing in a bucket and the crushing load, pour boiling water.
  • liberally sprayed the nest kerosene.Of all petroleum kerosene has the best penetration.Wasp nest made of "paper" - timber, crushed to pulp, and fastened with saliva.Kerosene very quickly permeates both paper and chitin body wasps, blocking breathing.Insects, which got kerosene, dying instantly.
  • If the nest is in an inaccessible location, from which the only way out, use the mounting foam.At the same time need to make sure that the hole is blowing out thoroughly and there is not the slightest gap.
  • dichlorvos and other special means of work reliably only when the socket can be isolated from the air.For example, tightly cover a certain capacity immediately after spraying.

Humane measures involving resettlement

  • for resettlement family wasps quite suitable method with a plastic bag, as described above.With the difference that the final phase of the ritual murder of a ritual substitute for talent life by shaking the package.Of course, still night, and pre-moving as far away from places of human habitation.
  • In the vicinity of the nest have a strong smelling aggressive substance.It can be ground red pepper, bowl with diluted "Domestos" or waste oil drained from the crankcase of the car.Insecticides also work: most likely, they will lead to the death of a different nature - the wasps will fly away to another place.
  • best way to safely remove a hornet's nest in the house, especially if the house is a cottage, is to wait for the winter.In winter, the nest neatly separated from the attachment point (but the gloves will not prevent), destroyed.Live wasps in it is still there.Then place based socket, and preferably around all processed insecticides or other means.Then in the spring, returning from memory to his old nest, not finding it, and did not find its original location attractive wasp females fly away in search of more favorable conditions.

wasp role in biocenosis

It would at least be considered naive delusion that wasp white, fluffy and just so busy and that cute smile at passers-by.Yes, no one believes because it is still a child know that wasp yellow with black stripes, buzz and sting painfully (if not careful).But that is quite justified for children's maximalism, immediacy, and, sorry, primitive perception, it is regrettable and disappointment at finding in adults.

Around the middle of the time interval between childhood and youth, therefore, at school, one learns that everything in nature is interconnected.With the same wasp, for example, intensive feed their larvae other insects, including those that are pests of garden and vegetable crops.After wasps, although like sweet, in other fields are predominantly predators.In addition, many lay wasp larvae and beetle larvae body;and the larvae hatched, eat their victims from the inside.

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leave the nest and find a quiet place for the winter before the onset of cold female wasps.All other individuals are killed.However, with the arrival of spring females are trying to return to their old nests.And wasp, like all living beings in this world is part of the food chain.It is believed that the natural enemy of the wasp is only one bird.No, not the Shrike, which regales bees.This bird - Shchurok.

becomes an adult, most people forget or do not want to know what is taught in school.Just think, some biocenosis;there is a serious problem: the wasps overcome!Therefore, on the agenda is the challenge: to get rid of wasp nests.Meanwhile, wasps do not know what it is they built their nest in your territory, and not vice versa.However, they do not try to attack people if they are, of course, not to provoke.

Ambitions and Reality

Evolution - a slow process, a lot of vector and unpredictable.At some point, probably quite recently, people thought he was already quite evolved and can now declare himself a king of Nature.And at the same time - to make decisions: that Nature is a useful, but, on the contrary - harmful.One day near his house he saw a wasp man evolved.Slightly reflection on the prospects of cohabitation (in the neighborhood), a man came to the firm conclusion: it is necessary to remove the wasp hive.

Somebody tell man evolved even calm down and stop waving his arms (the wasps already nervous): firstly, the wasp hive does not happen.Secondly, once the itch to relocate a family of wasps, it does not necessarily kill them.Of course, the destruction of a hornet's nest will not destroy the ecosystem.But as a result of economic activity of one type of fauna kingdom of the king of Nature is dying almost daily and weekly - one species of the flora of the kingdom.

If all will continue to keep pace, then ... Do not amuse the illusion that people over time will remain in the world in splendid isolation.People die, and, far from being the most recent.To avoid this, a good idea to learn to live in harmony with nature, that is, letting others live.Do not kill sedges!