automatic irrigation and drip irrigation systems

Anyone who has ever engaged in gardening or horticulture knows that even the most resistant plants gradually wither and die without regular watering generous.Unfortunately, in spite of the mild, humid climate of Central European latitudes, the last spring and summer seasons are distinguished by abnormally high temperatures and lack of regular rainfall, which adversely affects the ripening of key crops.In these unstable environmental conditions, obtaining high and stable yields it is possible only with the help of artificial irrigation systems.

Such traditional tools and accessories for the organization of irrigation works as a watering can and pump-action pump with a rubber hose long gone as the outdated and inefficient.The modern market garden and the villa offers all the equipment for watering.It offers owners of household plots, presents a variety of irrigation systems, to understand the features and benefits of which we will now try.

most popular and in demand today in the circle, as the gardeners amateurs and professional farmers a system of automatic irrigation.This system allows to provide comprehensive care for green spaces, grassy lawns and garden crops throughout the season.Thanks to the full automation of the entire watering process, the operator of the problem confined to the selection of appropriate programs and monitoring the serviceability of the major operating subsystems and electronics.This system automatically monitors the irrigation regimes using weather stations and weather sensors that automatically adjust irrigation according to weather changes.

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In recent decades, the agricultural sector is growing in popularity gaining drip irrigation system.Owners of farms have appreciated their high efficiency and simultaneously economical, which contribute to obtaining high yields while minimizing the consumption of irrigation water, organic fertilizers and micronutrients.Drip irrigation in greenhouses - the perfect solution for the regular maintenance of each plant portion of water, fertilizer, and if necessary special tools for the control of parasites, fitozabolevaniyami and other pests.Water or an aqueous solution of fertilizer applied in the basal portions of soil zone after exact calculations carried out by a professional agronomist, which guarantees the timely maturation and health of your plants.