How to cut the grapes in the fall for the winter , and why it should be + video

Properly caring for fruit plants can not only prolong their lives, but also to increase the amount of crop.The care and timely pruning is included, which among other things promotes the rapid maturation of the berries, improve their taste, but also greatly facilitates the maintenance of the plant.Grape is one of them.But how to cut the grapes in the fall so that it is benefited, rather than harmed?

Before this delicate procedure, you must define the goal you want to achieve.After trimming the vines is carried out in different seasons and in different ways.For example, sometimes it is done in the spring or summer to protect against disease, contribute to greater access to the clusters of sunlight or to increase airing in the bushes.

Autumn pruning - why and how?

Autumn time is ideal for pruning grapes.There are several reasons for this.One of them is the fact that it contributes to an abundant fruiting.In addition, due pruning will help keep the bushes, on the cultivation of which took a lot of time and effort.

Pruning grapes in autumn is held in two phases and involves a sequence of actions:

  1. in early September have to remove young shoots with perennial branches, which are located on the ground no higher than 50 cm It is on this.distance attach the wire must remove shoots that grow up to it;
  2. have shoots that have grown to the second wire must be cut the top (about one tenth of the total length of the shoot), and cut off all the side branches;
  3. Next trimming is in the middle-end of October after leaf is complete, but before the severe frosts (the optimum temperature for the crop - not below -3 ° C);
  4. At this time, cut off the largest shoots.On the lower left about 4 holes, and at higher (fruit arrows) - about 10 minutes.According to the rules number of holes should be at least the diameter of escape, but it is advisable to leave a couple of eyes anymore;
  5. After this branch is removed from the trellis, laid in the direction in which the vine grows, fastened at the ground and covered by a tarpaulin or film.

may properly cut grapes in the fall for the first time will not be easy, but over the years you gain experience and learn to do it quickly.Small


order to escape the process of preparing for the winter has passed unscathed, try pruning to do so that the sections were located on the inner side shoots.This is necessary in the first place so that they will thickets, and to sap flow and do not let the harvest was high.Also do not forget that you need to make cuts smooth as possible.

video shows how to cut the grapes in autumn:

Now that we know how to cut the grapes in the winter, you can safely proceed to this not simple at first glance, but necessary process.And next year's crop and the state of the vineyard will show how much progress you have achieved!