What and how to get the cow parsnip , is it possible to get rid of it permanently?

Cow parsnip - is a widespread plant, which is poisonous weed.It is not surprising that people are interested in information about what output parsnip.

In order to understand what is the complexity of the destruction of the plant is necessary to know its features.And they lie in the fact that the seeds, once in the soil, and bark a few years can survive under favorable conditions, even if the plants themselves have long been destroyed.In addition, the complexity is the fact that although the plants are destroyed by incineration, it is only at that time can be carried out, when the seeds are dry enough, and they too fall off during this period and, again, may get into the soil and persist for a long time.Then how to get cow parsnip?

Effective methods

If you want to get rid of this annoyance plants all at the same time you need to use a variety of ways to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.The main methods include:

1. Cut flowers.Its performed at an initial stage and flowering in small areas.The main task is to trim the buds, flowers and small fruits are not developed, if they are available.The most important thing in this method - the use of precautions because hogweed sap can leave burns on the skin.Therefore, the hands must be on the gloves, and over clothes polyethylene or other material which does not allow the brine to get clothes and soak into it.

2. Chemical treatment .It is carried out from the time when the cow parsnip is just beginning to sprout, and up to the time of seed maturation.It is possible to achieve a result, if you frequently and intensively cultivate the plants before flowering period.If the blossoms have already started or last for some time, the chemical action will not lead to positive results.In the case of the destruction of hogweed is necessary to exceed the dose stated on the preparation of 2-3.Treatment is necessary to carry out twice with an interval of 2 weeks, but during the procedure must be ensured that the drug got into full on petioles, leaves and umbrella plant.

3. Burning. Another effective method, but it requires care.It is necessary to choose the right time, which start burning plants.This is best done when the fruit is not yet fully matured in the central umbrella.Correctly carry out the procedure as follows: to take care of the security measures, keeping in mind that cow parsnip releases essential oils when burned, to protect the body and clothing, pour umbrellas with ripening fruits flammable liquid and set on fire the plant.

4. Weeding.If every 3 weeks weeding or plowing areas in which hogweed grows, it is possible to successfully destroy the plant.The main thing not to forget is that it is rising not only in the spring, but in summer, as well as to carry out weeding before flowering period.Instead of weeding can mow cow parsnip, but with all the above conditions;

This is the most effective and fast ways to help get rid of hogweed.


order to destroy the harmful plant to avoid errors.Therefore, fighting hogweed is not necessary: ​​

  • Leave beveled or weeded plants on the ground, because the nutrients in the escape may be enough for the ripening seeds;
  • conduct activities during flowering or ripening - must act in advance;
  • Cut umbrellas hogweed, when the wind outside;
  • conduct measures for the destruction of the plants with the skin and without protective clothing.

By following these tips, you will be able to defeat this poisonous plant!