How to bring a hornet ?Effective ways to combat

ganged we hornets, seeing in them a terrible enemy.Although European individuals virtually harmless, but often in Europe, their Asian relatives quite poisonous (the Japanese won by them killed about forty people a year).Nowhere, incidentally, does not specify that the Hornet - the deadly insect.Yes, from the toxins in their venom, reduced pressure, heart failure and give the nervous system.An allergic reaction to the venom can lead to suffocation.But all these effects depend on the individual human body: what one poison, the other did not even notice.This is due to the fact that we do not know what will be with us, for the reason that the Hornet can attack more than once, for the reason that in one insect can stand up the whole swarm, we are trying to get rid of hornets any way we can.

What you need to know to get started?

In the fight against these insects people go two ways: either destroy themselves hornets or destroy the nest.The second method is more efficient, because of the nests by the end of the season will be ten times more individuals than you kill during the summer, destroying them, even a dozen a day.But in the first and in the second case, in order to bring the Hornets, you must know:

  • where their nest;
  • that mosquito nets, gloves and tight clothing - a mandatory attribute of their stings against poison;
  • if the struggle will be carried out by chemical means, it is necessary to take money for wasps, hornets since - the largest representatives of their kind.

Destroy these insects as chemical means and physical influence.

The use of chemical agents

If the hand was not anti-oc, it is often used dichlorvos in cans.But using any spray bottle, it is necessary to have the clay to just paint over the entrance through which the poison is injected, and all possible slots, otherwise ... Hornets any aggression against them correctly understood as a declaration of war.Quite successfully in the evening zakurivanie gray hollows or cracks, where they settled.It is also possible near the nest put watermelon rind or other sweets, flavored by means of the Colorado potato beetle (but keep in mind that this "good" is not gorged bees or rabbits).

On apiaries hornet poison so: accustom them to the ground beef (their larvae, this insect is feeding animal products), and added to the Paris green (myshyakokisly sodium) in a couple of days.Of course, to places kormёzhki should not get cats, dogs, chickens.If you are lucky and you have found a nest in the spring, where at this time there is only a female, and a few soldiers, then the question of how to bring the Hornets, do not exist.It is enough to knock over his stick in any capacity and throw a cloth with sal ammoniac - all the rest.

Physical methods of struggle

Big "crop" hornets collect simple traps made from plastic bottles.The bottle is filled with sugar, filled with water and beer, the cross-shaped incision is made on the cover and bent inward.The point is that there hornet falls easily, and get back already can not.A similar method: cut off the top part of the bottle, the cork is ejected, the upper part of the back side of the bottle is inserted into the bottom.Bottle filled with exactly the same solution as in the previous process can be jam instead of sugar.

attend to how to get the Hornets, people float and fire, and water, without any regard for the "Greenpeace" their humane purposes.So, if a nest of bumblebees can fit in the bucket in a bucket filled with water, and by raising the bucket, nest immersed in it.It is so quick soak that because he did not have time to fly out of any one individual.Or, if there was a hollow with hornets away from buildings and threatening wildfire, one evening, when it gets dark, and all the insects will come together, tuck into the hollow torch (you can even make the newspaper).

has the right to recognition and a way to get rid of hornets (by the way, it posted a video in RuNet) connected to a vacuum cleaner extension tube every two vacuum cleaners, pipe bends, but without a break, the vacuum cleaner is turned on.Hornets begin to fight not with man, but with a pipe, fly up to her, and she sucks them.Hitting the inside of the hose bend, hornets are "no".Now, flicking them out of the dust collector, can burn or trample them, it depends on the degree of your humanity.

Why the recent desire to withdraw hornets - almost a necessity?Dense forests and plantations are gone, old trees with hollows already cut down.Insects need a new habitat.Hornets found her for a covering of cottages, trees in gardens, good food in the gardens they have enough.Abandoned same village houses - the ideal place for all of their existence.