How to display the moles from the garden - step by step instructions

Nothing upsets the owners of garden plots is not a petition underground guests.Yes, moles can not only spoil the mood and look of your site, but also to deprive the crop.Therefore, every landowner is very important to know how to get the moles from the garden.To this end, it is important to understand the behaviors and habits of these animals sighted.For example, they do not like noise and strong odors.A favorite treat is earthworms.

So, how to get rid of moles can be divided into two categories: self-made and purchased.Let us discuss the order and find out how to get to the site of moles homemade methods.

DIY - User struggle with moles

  1. First you need to isolate your site from the penetration of these animals.Their passes are located at a depth of 1 meter under the ground, so to such a depth is necessary around the perimeter of the mesh insert with a hole the size of not less than 2x2 cm. The solid metal insert sheets can not be, because it will prevent the ingress of your site beneficial insects.A moles through this hole will not work.
  2. Since these animals are afraid of noise, it is possible to get rid of moles by using homemade products, makes a noise.This may be a Noise Maker on a stick embedded in the ground.It can be made from large tin kustka.The main thing that a loud noise.Besides it is possible to use plastic bottles.They need to be dug into the ground at an angle of 45 degrees, leaving a small portion of the earth's surface.In windy weather, you will hear a howl that necessarily scare away animals.The more bottles bury, the better the effect.
  3. Moles do not like the strong odor.It can therefore be quite easy to deduce the mole, landed on the site silnopahnuschih flowers.These include the imperial fritillary, Siberian Scilla, euphorbia, daffodils and marigolds.If you are going to plant castor or caper spurge, remember that these plants are poisonous berries.So when the kitchen garden walk freely children, there is a danger of poisoning.Then you can stop the choice on the other colors.In addition to flowers, you can use the spoiled fish or meat, which began to smell.These products need to put in mole tunnels.And you can use a soft cloth soaked in gasoline.
  4. use poison.The mole hole to put zinc phosphide.To do this, you need a long pin to make a hole in the course of the mole.Then carefully close up the hole land clot, but in such a way that the course did not fail.Just because the animal does not eat the poison, so it is better to mix with chopped earthworms.

What can you buy from the moles?

trap for moles. This is a special device that you need to put in burrows.But to get rid of all the animals need a lot of tools.

scares. These are special devices that are inserted deep into the ground, where they spread an unpleasant sound for moles, as a result of the animals themselves leave the site.It is necessary to carefully read the instructions to learn what the range of a particular device, and then calculate how many pieces need for your garden.It should also be noted that the device signal is interrupted, if the radius of action has some deep subject, well, for example, or the foundation.Such facilities should be from different sides furnish Repeller.These remedies most humane because it does not kill animals and do not harm them in any way, but simply forced to leave.

Now you can easily get rid of not application reviews on your site.Harvest will remain intact, and your lawn will not be dug underground animals.