How to get rid of wasps - most effective methods

big fan of sweet - wasp - annoying nuisances and quite dangerous.Nobody wants to be bitten, particularly allergies and small children.And how to get rid of wasps, not only in gardens and country houses, but also in urban arrays?They are not only painful sting, but are carriers of intestinal infections, climbing and flying around like flies.

wasp nests are usually built in secluded places: attics, behind shutters doors, in the corners of sheds and shade trees.There are earthen wasps - they live in burrows under the ground and is also not the most pleasant neighbors.

first step that can be done - it call service disinfestation , which will not only get rid of wild wasps, but also how quickly part with a decent amount of money.Therefore, if this option is not included in the plans, it is necessary to take advantage of their own.

served in the nests of wasps do not hibernate, so the first frost workers and larvae are killed and the female-founder of the future nests hidden in crevices.Therefore, inspection of attics and blind corners should be carried out in the spring.After finding a small paper nest-house, you have to shoot and kill.This simple move will protect reproduction striped "flies."

But how to get rid of wasps nests of those that were settled without the knowledge of the owners?

can buy chemicals , for example, "Troapsil", "Moskitol protection against wasps," "ghetto" and other specially designed to get rid of unpleasant insects.If the process is not only the nest, but the area around it, wasps, carrying on the legs poisonous substance, "infect" the whole swarm, and at most 3 days izvedut it altogether.But the best treatment is carried out at night when the wasps are asleep.However, they can "put" hours, and protective measures for the outing will not interfere.

There is another way of trying to get rid of wasps in the country and in others they have chosen locations: smear special insecticidal gel ( «Absolute", "Adamant" and others.) Pieces of sweet fruit or watermelon rinds and leave in places away from the gazeboor the entrance of the house.Wasps die from this food, but there is a drawback: the nest will remain intact, and so the fight can take a long time.

therefore be courage and, dressed in protective clothing, proceed to the nest and quickly put it in a plastic bag (or more nested), tightly tied and left.And even better - without removing the nest, bring it to the bottom of a bucket of water for 5 minutes.House gets wet, drowned wasps, the problem will be solved.About protective clothing should not be overlooked in this case, not all wasps can be in the nest at the time of H. However, they too can draw in advance by putting a saucer close with jam.

How to get rid of wasps excavation on the site?Even easier: in the dark nest pour boiling water.You can pour the kerosene and then set on fire.It is proven, although radical methods are not humane.But if the problem is at the level of the choice between life and death truckers or wasps - that still have to choose.