How to get rid of garden ants - tips

pity them, but alas ... Ants come in different types, and not all of them are useful for the fruit and berry crops.Desirable in the garden a red wood ants.They are active and skilled in the extermination of pests, that their dwellings (ant) began to take custody and housed these workaholic specifically, not only in the forest, but also in our gardens.If they could also train the prices they were not ...

Why struggle with garden ants

Unfortunately, their cousins, garden ants - this is not good, and unwelcome evil, so fight with them in the garden area need an ambulance andeffective.If they are too divorced, have to immediately solve the problem of how to get rid of ants from the garden, and on it there are good reasons.

main of them - is ubiquitous aphids.A more precise - its herds that breed and feed (in the most literal sense of the word) garden ants.Aphids feed on plant sap.When you tickle her mustache - allocates liquid droplets, has on the ants present a narcotic effect.The latter, of course, strive to achieve the highest "milk yield" and multiply it "herd" to catch the buzz that always have been at hand, ie,mustache, and even the kids carry to the nest.Although aphids Contrary There are various effective means of struggle - they are useless if there is on the site of this species of ants.Because in this situation we have to worry about the fight against aphids and ants war until complete destruction, as they are the main root cause of ruined crops.

Another problem of the war with garden ants - a violation of the aesthetic landscape garden plot.Of course, there are other reasons, because of which the war with ants important it becomes necessary, but these listed are considered to be the two main.

Operating opponent

Get rid of garden ants in the area is not easy, as their number may be indicated by the numbers with six zeros, and the length of underground passages anthill - almost kilometers.Moreover, their fertility is fantastic.New nests can appear weekly on a few pieces.Of all the tools, including pesticides, and home-made poison, as well as a simple mechanical destruction of nests, anthills, effective until the end is not none.Because the number of ants restored quickly, and they are not in any want to leave their homes.To get rid of garden ants in their territory, would have to apply a double stratagem: utterly destroy all nests in the area, thereby destroying them queens.

Before the outbreak of hostilities should explore the enemy, ie,his way of life and the public (yes, the public) device.Headship in the uterus ants, sometimes, a few pieces.Their task - to carry the largest number of eggs and offspring reproduce the full.In the latter there is also the uterus.When they grow up - leave the anthill and form its own, capturing in this way more and more territory.

Most of the ant population - ordinary worker ants.Just the ones that breed and feed the aphids.Iznichtozhaete them - a little bit confusing.Uterine reproduce again.And everything will be as before.How to get to the ewes in an anthill, if they are not out there?To destroy an anthill simple mechanical means, for example, to dig it - means to violate its own landscape area and, moreover, not the fact that all die-producing.Most likely, they just run away and create a new nearby anthill.

Methods of dealing

So how to get rid of anthills?We must try to drown it all ant kingdom, destroy it outputs moves to stop access to the air and completely transform the whole volume of the nest in a kind of dirt bag.To all turned into an impassable swamp, like in the swamp.

In practice, it is possible to do only by connecting the water under pressure, more powerful than the normal watering.You can use something like Hydrodrills (metal tube length slightly more than a meter, and 15-20 mm in diameter), which would be blurring the ground and drives the water at any remote place anthill.

right time to start the fight with ants - pre-winter.The temperatures are low enough, the ants almost in suspended animation.But she had to winter freezing of the soil and the subsequent spring melt water will destroy them completely.Uterine sink, reproduction stops, and ordinary ants will die by themselves, because the need for them will disappear.Q.E.D.Will continue endless war with other garden pests from aphids to scouts garden ants from abroad site should not be offended by them again.