How to withdraw from the garden Medvedkov - known methods of combating this pest

The owners of their land is always a lot of trouble and worries.To gather a good harvest from the garden you need to carefully watch that no one ate the harvest is not for you.Unfortunately, a lot of wishing.One of them is an insect cricket.To deal with it is difficult.But it is still possible.Let's find out how to get Medvedkov from the garden.

Ways to combat these insects can be divided into three groups: mechanical, folk and purchased.

Mechanical methods

necessary to closely monitor the mole crickets and moves in time to dig the ground in these places.Also, upon detection of the insect moves they can pour water with dissolved detergent.More good way to get rid of mole crickets is manure.In the autumn necessary to decompose manure piles on the kitchen garden.Medvedkov, it must find and decide to stay.After the onset of frost they will need to expand the heap with a thin layer to all insects peremёrzli.

Traditional methods Borba

To save their crops, the people had invented many ways to bring Medvedkov.

  • can use twigs perennial chrysanthemums "oaks".The smell of this plant is unbearable for the insect, so this simple method will help to get rid of mole crickets in the garden.Branches need to dig around the wells or dig seedlings along the furrows.
  • marigold flowers also have an unpleasant odor for medvedok.Therefore, you can plant them in different parts of the garden.This is not only a good portion of your décor, but also a means of mole crickets.
  • Fish.Better if it will be slightly spoiled herring and other salted fish.Must be the smell of it.Waste from fish heads and skeletons, laid out around the beds and buried in the ground at 3-5 cm. Insects can not tolerate it.
  • Garlic is also a good Repeller medvedok.Its smell is not like insects.So do not spare to put him on the territory of the garden, or spoon the garlic cloves along the ridges.
  • To combat Medvedkov can use bait.Take a bottle of beer at an angle buried in the ground and leave open the neck.Insects are the smell and fail in a bottle, from which it can not escape.Instead of beer, you can use any empty bottle.The neck should be inside anoint honey.All insects will be in the bottle.
  • To protect seedlings in the hole before planting can be put eggshells.Medvedka dies after eating, and your plants will remain untouched.
  • Poisoned grain.If any grain handle pesticides and buried in different parts of the garden, the cricket, in search of food, sooner or later stumble on this bait and poison.
  • Naphthalene.In the spring, after the digging area, scattered in different parts of his garden.During the summer, sprinkle mothballs track.And to avoid settling mole crickets you sprinkle it means the entire area around the perimeter.Also, to the insect not moved you to the neighboring areas, the fence should be installed in such a way that it went into the ground at 50 cm.

Purchased funds

To effectively the purchased assets of this pest may include granules called "Fe-naksit + 'and bait' Medvetoks ".

  • Fenaksit.The granules should be scattered on the beds, watered and dig.You can also fill the drug directly into the passages mole crickets.
  • Medvetoks.To use this tool, you need to make a groove depth of 4 cm.They pour "Medvetoks", then sprinkle liberally with water.Since the pellets are not destroyed by water, from the validity period of up to three weeks.The product is environmentally friendly.From it do not suffer earthworms and the soil is not disturbed microflora.