How to get rid of moles - operating methods

Probably, there are not many people who have seen live mole, even the «Animal Planet» is not a film about a mole and its habitat, habits.Meanwhile, this animal, living far away from human settlements, not an effect, but as soon as there is a mole in the garden area, the damage of its vital functions, can be compared with the drought.And the question immediately arises - how to get rid of moles?

Methods of dealing

methods of dealing with these animals is very small, especially effective.Industry offers ultrasonic repellents moles, but to be honest, their effectiveness is only a smile.People from ignorance of their habits and prey, invent different ways to fight, but ...

Knowing the sensitivity of moles to the ground vibrations, many owners of garden plots set miniature windmill that rotates, spread around the vibration.It is believed that the mole ever there will not burrow, but in practice it turns out quite different - a mole just gets used to this vibration.

There are special traps for moles.They are a mechanism of scissors, which, under the action of the spring is compressed mole, code that is going to climb on his course.However, the creators of these traps is not considered a structural feature of the mole body.The fact is that the mole is wad muscles and hold it in her hands virtually impossible, not to mention krotolovke.With its powerful front paws mole can burrow into the ground for a few seconds.

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Well, as it can be to get rid of moles in the garden, the reader will ask.There are two ways to get rid of these animals.The first - to prevent their occurrence, it is necessary to protect their land-mesh netting, it dug to a depth of 50 cm The second way -. The physical destruction of the moles in their area.But for this you need to catch a mole.Catch a mole with a shovel can be anyone, but need a lot of endurance and the ability to wait for prey, much like fishing.That's what you need to know the habits of another mole - bat will always come to the reconstruction of destroyed molehills (mounds of earth dug mole).When restoring molehills mole almost goes out of his muzzle, here at this moment and it should be broken, but it should be remembered, if for a few seconds, it does not stun or catch, again he will go under the ground.

second method of catching moles on your site requires some technical skills.Having made the mechanism - "killer mole", it is possible for a small period of time to get rid of mole "tricks."Incidentally, this mechanism is also based on the mole of habit, restore their moves.The mechanism is mounted vertically harpoon, with a trigger, which is actuated by the sensor.The sensor may be any mechanical, electronic or any other, as long as it is powered by a trigger when a mole is at the top of its Krotovka.This is where you will need a tech savvy.

Good results show arrangements made by the pattern of the guillotine, but he struck the spear on the mole should be carried out under the action of the spring, but not under its own weight.Very often, the mole remains alive (muscle lump is not so easy to break), so after firing mechanism, it is necessary to remove a mole from the land, but what there is at the discretion of ...

... Good luck catching moles!