September 07, 2016 23:12

How to remove Google Chrome ( Chromium ) completely with Android and PC ?

  • Uninstalling
  • Method №2: clean uninstaller utility-
  • Removing Google Chrome on Android
  • devices How to remove synced data?
  • How do without uninstalling and reinstalling Google Chrome?

ceased to please Google Chrome or "haywire" for what reason?Clearly, the user is immediately there is a desire to remove it.Accordingly, in order not to see at all on the computer and use a different browser, or to reinstall the "clean sweep" (so to speak, to get rid of all the annoying problems in one fell swoop).

Removing Google Chrome - the procedure easy and unpretentious, a match for the beginner.However, it has some tricks.Of course, they are useful to know and be able to use them.This article will help you to completely remove the Google Chrome from your computer, including not only the elements of the program, and user settings.And also tell you how to disable Google Chrome sync and delete data from Google profile.


method №1 (via control panel)

1. Click «Win» or click on the tas

kbar icon «Windows».

2. In the "Start", select "Control Panel."

Note. To go to the Control Panel in Windows 8, so, click, right-click on the icon «Windows», and then click the appropriate option from the context menu.

3. activate an option click "Uninstall a program" in the "Programs".

Attention! For convenience in configuring the "View" display mode, set "Category".

4. In the window with the list of an installed software, right-mouse click on Google Chrome.And then press the panel appears "Delete."

5. In the uninstall Google Chrome add-activate "Also delete the data ..." (click on the box next to the words), to completely remove the user data directory with Internet Explorer.And then click "Remove."

After these steps in Internet Explorer or another browser opens automatically established Page «Google Chrome program has been removed."On it, in a virtual survey fields, you can specify the reason for uninstalling the application (choose a ready answer option or specify your own).

Everything!Removing Google Chrome completed.You are ready to reinstall it or install another browser (eg, Firefox, or Opera).

Method №2: clean uninstaller utility-

This option is good in that the tool-Cleaner automatically launches the uninstaller, and cleans up the browser by the standard cleaning all of its software residues (registry entries and folders).As well as helping to remove from a computer to a web browser where it is not removed in a standard way (through the control panel).

In the web you can find a lot of uninstaller.Among the most popular solutions - Revo Uninstaller, Uninstall Tool, Soft Organizer.In this article, we will look through the removal Chrome Uninstall Tool program.

1. Run the uninstaller program with administrator rights.

2. The catalog of available programs in the system click the left mouse button on the name of the browser.

3. Right click the option "Uninstall" in the panel.

4. Follow the instructions built-in uninstaller browser (see. Method №1).

5. On completion of the analysis of the system, in the "Removing the remnants of" so, click "Delete" button to remove the remaining registry keys and files browser.

Removing Google Chrome on Android

devices to remove the Android browser, do the following:

  1. Go to "Settings", and then click the subkey "Applications".
  2. Select the category "Installed applications" (or "All Applications").
  3. In the list that appears by name tapnite browser.
  4. In the options bar, click «Uninstall» (clear).The panel further confirm the activation of the action.

How to remove synced data?

If you set a goal to not only remove the browser from the system, but also the more clear your Google account from its database (so they are not downloaded to the browser after you reinstall and authorization), further follow the procedure below:

1. Log in to the Google system(go to the account you want to clear the data from Google Chrome).

2. Go to https: // / settings / dashboard.

3. Scroll down the list of options Wheeled.In the block "Synchronizing the Chrome" click on the link "Settings ...".

4. Under the table information about the data saved so, click the button "Stop Sync."

5. confirm the launch of the team in the additional window: click «OK».

After clicking Sync will be disabled and all browser data (bookmarks, browsing history, passwords) will be deleted from the server.

How do without uninstalling and reinstalling Google Chrome?

Do not rush to remove and then reinstall the browser, if for some reason it stopped working (for example, "zaglyuchil" after any installation of Google Chrome Core additions).Charge the solution to this problem Google Cleanup utility.She created the browser developers, and aims to "treat" it automatically from all "diseases".

1. Go to the official page of the utility - https: // / chrome / cleanup-tool /.

2. so, click "Download" button.

3. When the download completes, run the Cleanup as administrator.

4. Follow the instructions displayed in its toolbar.

5. If necessary, reset the browser (the application window to run this function will open a special panel).

Quick cleaning your PC!