September 07, 2016 23:12

What to do if you do not remove Apple Software Update ( how to delete ) ?

  • method №1: regular removal options
  • Method №2: clean uninstaller

Apple Software Update - an additional module that is installed in the operating system, along with the Safari browser, iTunes service applicationand other software from Apple.Its main function - to perform the software update.It automatically listening ports on the computer network, sends / receives data from a server.Sometimes

Apple Software Update lets uninstall and reinstall the Apple application.It is software conflicts, remove blocking errors running the uninstaller (browser, the client is not removed).Failures occurring in most cases due to the specificity of the functional module Update (active processes, network connections).

These guidelines will help you to correctly remove Apple Software Update from Windows completely, with the possibility of re-installation.Choose any of the proposed methods and proceed to the "clean" computer.

Note.The instructions viewed Apple Software Update removal together with iTun

es in the operating system Windows 8.

method №1: regular removal options

1. Quit iTunes and other Apple applications.

2. Start Task Manager: simultaneously press «Ctrl + Shift + Esc».

3. Open the "Processes" tab in the window manager.

4. In section "Background ..." completed all the processes related to the Apple Software product:

  • Apple Software Update;
  • Bonjour;
  • iTunesHelper;
  • iPodServices;
  • MobileDevices and others.

Right click on the process name.And then click "End Task" in the context menu.Complete all active process on Apple.

Tip! If in doubt, have anything to do with an active process to iTunes or not, and click the right button and choose "Open location ...".You can remove the process from the list in the Manager if a new window will open directory (folder) Apple software.

5. so, click, right-click on the Windows icon in the taskbar.In the list of options, select "Programs and Features".

Note. In Windows 7, this section opens as follows: Start → Control Panel → Uninstall a Program.

6. Sequentially remove the software components in the following order:

  1. iTunes (Safari, other Apple software).
  2. Apple Software Update.
  3. Mobile Device Support.
  4. Bonjour.
  5. Application Support (once 32-bit version, and then 64).

Note.Some From these elements may not be available in the system.In this case, proceed with the neutralization following the ingredient list.

To perform uninstall Apple element in the "Programs and Features" section, do the following:

so, click the right button on the title;
select the panel that opens the "Delete";
confirm the launch of the team: in the request message, click "Yes";

on completion of the procedure proceed to remove the following item (comply with the specified sequence in the list).

Method №2: clean uninstaller

Removal "apple" Programs, iTunes, and Safari, and Update module via a special utility cleaner allows you to clean the system better.What is particularly important in cases where the owner of the computer no longer wants to use the application and wants to get rid of Windows on all its tracks.As in the file directory and registry.

This manual is considered an option Apple remove components using Uninstall Tool utility.In the absence of such, you can use an analogy -. Revo Uninstaller, Soft Organizer etc.

1. Run Uninstall Tool utility with administrative rights.

2. Run the uninstall facilities in accordance with the sequence specified in paragraph №6 previous guidance.

3. Start with the main application (eg, iTunes).Click on it once with the left mouse button.

4. In the panel located on the left side of the list of programs that feature so, click "Uninstall."

5. After the procedure, the removal of the standard application, search for residues in additional window (so, click «Ok»).

6. Remove Uninstall Tool found leftover files and registry entries to the application.So, click "Delete" button in the additional window.

successful you clean your computer!