September 08, 2016 23:14

Why Trustedinstaller does not delete the folder and how to disable it ?

software mechanism Windows Modules Installer (trustedinstaller. Exe) does not allow to delete a folder or file, without which the system can not function correctly.That is to protect them from unauthorized access.

When you try to remove "zhiznenoneobhodimyh" objects of the system appears on the monitor warning "Can not access ..." with a request to ask for permission to change the rights to the options Trustedinstaller.

Attention! before receiving permission to delete files, utilities, and Windows processes, think carefully about whether to remove them.Remember that these actions, you can disable the operating system.

Obtaining the rights to change / delete

object To disable system file protection, follow these steps:

1. Right-click the blocked Trustedinstaller object (file or folder).

2. Select "Properties" in the list of system functions.

3. In the Properties pane, click the "Security" tab, and then click "Advanced".

4. In the new window, in the line "Owner" properties, select the opt

ion "Change."

5. On the panel "Select" User "..." again, click "Advanced".

6. In the left column click buttons activate the function "Search".

7. From the list that opens his account name (this add-in allows you to delete protected files).

8. Click «Ok» in the same window in the panel "Select ..." (they close).

9. In the Settings section, enable the option "Replace owner on subcontainers ..." (set by clicking the check box next to this line).Click «OK».

10. Go back to the properties of a folder that you want to delete (or change).And re-open the "Additional considerations."

11. In the "Permission entries" list, select your account name.

12. so, click the command "Change Resolution", and then "Add" button.

13. In the panel that opens "Permission Entry" in line "Subject" activate mouse click function "Choose a subject."

14. In the "Select ..." go to "Advanced» → «Search» → «Your account".So, click «OK» in the window in "Selecting ...".

15. In the block settings "Permission Entry" under "General authorization", check the box next to all (read, write, change) access mode.Click «OK».

Note. Activation mode "Full Control" lets you remove "problematic" folder.

16. In the "Security Options ... ...", set the "tick" next to the add "Replace all entries ...".Close setting: so, click «ok».

17. In the window asking "Do you want to continue?" Select "Yes".

Now you are ready to change, delete or read files that are under Trustedinstaller protection.