How to completely clean your hard drive of unnecessary files

  • «Cleaning" on disk C
  • Cleaning Temp
  • Folder Delete "heavy" system files
  • Automatic cleaning
  • use uninstaller

no free space on the hard drive inespecially on the system partition (drive C) that the computer that the user is "evil lives."You can not install a new game, a useful program, and Windows without reserve 10-20Gb on the hard disk can not function properly.

«sinks memory" - unwanted files and folders, registry entries - on PC and laptop a huge amount.And many of them appear and increase in volumes on their own, without user intervention, during the operation of Windows.Alas, such is its specificity.

But whatever it was, clean your hard drive from the "digital junk" completely still possible.And most importantly, you need to.Otherwise comfortable using the computer will only pink dreams of its owner (ie your).

Here is a compilation of guidelines on how to clean the disc, using standard system options and special tools.

«Cleaning" on C

1. disk Press both keys - «Win + R».

2. In the line "Open" on the panel "Run", type a directive - cleanmgr (a system utility that allows you to clean the C drive, and other sections of the hard drive).

3. Press the «OK».

4. In the drop-down list (click on the arrow) to select the drive you want to clean up (delete files in C proceed in the first place!).

5. Wait until the system will perform an analysis of the selected directory partition.

6. In the treatment settings, unit "Delete the following files:", set in the windows boxes next to the items you want to clean.Click «OK».

Attention! Enable component "Cleaning Windows Update" allows you to get rid of the Windows folder.old (File Vault updates the previous OS).

Also on the "Advanced" tab, you can use the other functions executing deletion of files in the directories.To do this, click the "Clear" tab in one of the blocks (or both alternately).

«Programs and Features" - uninstalling unnecessary programs.Scroll mouse click in the app list.Then click "Uninstall / Change."The display shows an uninstaller software.Follow its instructions.

«Restore ..." - Remove all the Windows Restore Points, except the last.These elements can take a considerable amount.Start the function and press the "Delete" in the additional window.

Cleanup folder Temp

Directory «Temp» - storage of temporary files and folders.If it is clear, you can not just add the free space on the hard drive, and in some cases, to get rid of the virus.Feel free to completely remove its contents.

1. Open the "Run" (press simultaneously «Win» key and «R»).

2. In the "Open" field, type -% temp%.Press «Enter» or so, click «OK».

3. Go to the Immediate window, and then press «Alt».

4. In the pop-up menu (see. Top panel), open-clicking "Tools" section and select "Folder Options ...".

5. Click the tab "View".

6. In the block "Advanced Settings", scroll down.Include click the button next to the last option "Show hidden files ...".

7. Click "Apply" and «OK».Now «Temp», as well as in other folders and partitions the hard drive will be displayed hidden objects.So, you can get rid of all the files stored in this directory.

8. Now that the objects were visible, select them, click on one of the files, and then press «Ctrl + A».So, click, right-click on the highlighted list.Click the "Delete" function.

9. be sure to clear the "shopping cart" After cleaning.

Removal "heavy" system files

Note. considered objects perform certain functions in the system.Before removing / disconnecting, make sure that you do not need.In particular, the program reserve to RAM and hibernation mode (a kind of hibernation).


(RAM paging file)

1. so, click on the taskbar icon «Windows».

2. In the panel that opens the "Start", select "Control Panel."

3. Navigate to the "System and Security" section, and then - in the "System".

4. In the right section, click the item "Advanced System Settings."

5. In the new window, tab "Advanced" in the "Performance" section, click "Options."

6. In the panel that opens re-open the "Advanced" tab.

7. In the block "virtual memory" so, click "Change ...".

8. uncheck the box next to "Automatically select the amount of ..." option if necessary.

9. Enable the "No paging file" (click on the radio button).Press «Ok».

10. In a further window and click «OK».Restart the system.


In this file, the system saves all data and PC settings before it goes into Sleep Mode to quickly recover after activation.It can be quite substantial amount - 5.10 GB.

to remove it from the system partition, follow these steps:

1. Press simultaneously the «Win» and «R» (The "Run" box).

2. In the line "Open", type - powercfg -h off.

3. Click «OK».

Automatic cleaning

Special program-cleaners quickly and efficiently rid the system of accumulated junk software.Clean out your browser cache, the Temp folder, delete files, duplicates, useless objects, restoring order in the registry.But, unfortunately, they can not be neutralized system "heavyweights" - files windows.old, Pagefile.sys, Hiberfil.sys; Winsxs folder.Be sure to take this into account.
Consider two of the most popular software tools.

Reg Organizer

Professional Windows Cleaner from Russian developer ChemTable.Distribution shareware (demo period - 30 days).It cleans and optimizes the registry.It suggests clean disk, eliminating software problems.


brainchild of British programmers from the company Piriform LTD.It has a large number of treatment options (clipboard cache, cookies, recent documents, etc.).Before correcting errors and removing unnecessary entries proposes to make a backup of the registry.But at the same time it performs a "clean" delicately, without compromising the integrity and performance of the operating system.

use uninstaller

Remove programs from the operating system by regular means is not always perfect.The registry keys are in the directory folder and files.They lie on the hard drive useless load and selected precious megabytes, and sometimes gigabytes of disk space.

But in the third-party uninstaller this shortcoming is absent.After the removal of the standard they neutralize all traces of the program.Let's get acquainted with the most popular solutions from this category closer.

Soft Organizer

utility from the developer ChemTable Software.It has Russian and English interface.Distribution shareware.Executes the complete removal of the application.Monitors processes and changes in Windows during installation programs.

1. Run the utility.

2. Select the desired application by clicking.

3. Click "Uninstall a Program" (located in the upper panel).

4. Follow the instructions of the built-in uninstaller and Soft Organizer (disk analysis, the removal of residues).

Revo Uninstaller

One of the most "skilled" uninstaller.Created by VS Revo Group.Distributed in two versions: Pro - paid;Free - free.It supports three modes of scanning residue after removal of the program.When the "Advanced" mode is performed scrupulous analysis of all disk directories and registry.

  1. so, click the left mouse button on the icon to delete the application in the utility window.
  2. Click on the top toolbar button "Delete".
  3. Follow the prompts Revo Uninstaller.

Let your PC only useful data will always be kept!Do not forget to periodically "make clean" on the hard drive.