September 23, 2016 23:09

How to remove music in VKontakte and recover deleted songs

Music - faithful companion of the human soul.The source of delight, joy, consolation, oblivion, and other equally vivid sensations.There is life next - accompanies every turn of fate, and of a private page VKontakte, of course ... And what is there to be surprised?When favorite record at hand, and virtual communication is becoming more interesting, more comfortable.In the chat warm conversation with a friend, a girlfriend, and pours out of the speakers melody, which is particularly dear to the heart, which "touches" in a special way.Still nice, agree.

But happens and so that the musical tastes vary: some songs from FaceBook to remove, some leave and, accordingly, to download new singles, that is, to complete your collection of tracks on the page.

Get rid of unnecessary audio tracks in your profile in several ways: you can use and the regular social networking options, and special browser extensions.Let's get acquainted with them closer.

How to remove and recover audio recordings VKontakte regular mea

1. To remove a song, first open the section "My record" (link in the left-hand vertical menu on avatars).

2. Move the cursor to the track that you no longer need.On the right side of its name will appear two icons (optional):

  • «pencil" - edit the name of the sound track.
  • «X» - delete function.

3. Move the cursor to "cross" (The "Remove audio" inscription).Then click the left button.

The song is removed immediately, but visually disappears from the list, and only acquire a dull shade.While you will be in a section of audio, it can be restored.

Attention! If you will go to your account's main page, and then will return to the music section, deleted the tracks disappear.They will have to look again / download and add to the catalog.

So if 'X' pressed by mistake, return to the audio track, proceed as follows:

In the remote just a song, press "plus sign" icon (above it will prompt "Restore audio").

addition, VK provided a feature that allows to remove the audio recording, added in the last seven days.To activate it:

  • click on the "cross" in the remote audio tracks (located next to the "plus");
  • confirm their intentions in a modal window that appears, press "Delete" button.

Attention! When you enable this function removes all the tracks that have appeared in the audio collection in the past week, regardless of their status, and active, and the remote (painted dimmed icon with "plus" to restore).

Deleting all recordings using the addon VkOpt

VkOpt - plug-in that extends the functionality of the user profile on the social network Vkontakte (loading / editing content, scrobbler Last fm, quick access to settings and so on.).Supports all popular browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera.

Warning! Download VkOpt only on the developer's website (vkopt. Net), or on the official website of browser extensions that use.Plugin installed from other sources, it may be infected with a virus.

Thus, we consider in detail how to remove the music of In Touch, using an addon VkOpt
(instructions for Google Chrome).

Installing and configuring

1. Click in the upper right corner of the label "three stripes" (configuration and control) browser interface.

2. Navigate to the "Advanced" section.

3. At the bottom of the list of add-ons, click "More expansion."The new tab will open the Chrome Web Store.

4. In the "Search Store" VkOpt enter a query and press «Enter».

5. The first issue will be the desired plugin.Click within the field of the "+ free".

Note. Beware of imitations!In the original VkOpt download page indicate the source (ofsayta!).

6. Wait until the installation is complete.Re-open the list of installed add-ons: Settings → Extensions.

7. In VkOpt block including the setting "Allow to open files ..." (set to "tick").

8. Restart your browser.


1. Go to your page VKontakte.

2. A window VkOpt «Thank you for the installation ..." settings.

3. Select interface language: click on the flag and click «OK».

4. Refresh the page, press «F5» key.

Editing audio

1. To remove a song / songs move the cursor to "My record" section.

2. Select "Audio -My" In a further menu.

3. In addition to the selective removal (see. The method described above), the stored music, VkOpt also provides the ability to completely clear the section of the track.For the complete removal of your music collection, click in the box to the right of the track list, the [Delete all].

4. In an additional window to confirm the activation function: Click "Yes".
After these steps, all the deleted record.You can start the formation of a new collection of favorite hits.Again, using VkOpt options - to add to the track from the home page, preview audio collections with friends (Updates).

Enjoy your pastime in the VC, dear reader!