August 30, 2016 23:12

How to get rid of Athlete's Foot - proven methods and people's councils

Increased sweating feet, and consequently, and the unpleasant smell of them are very delicate, but a serious problem.Leave it unattended impossible because of her often have to get into awkward situations.Therefore, the main goal should be to get rid of excessive sweating of the feet.But first, let's understand why it occurs.

Location grow legs ...

Many people know that the feet all the time there are millions of bacteria that survive due to the fact that feed on dead skin cells.Like any other organism, bacteria have the ability to live waste.It is because of their foot odor gets worse and a lot of trouble.And if a person

  • wearing uncomfortable shoes
  • putting on socks or tights of synthetic materials
  • does not eliminate the fungus on his feet
  • suffers from heart disease or diabetes,

the sweating feet is increased even more.How to get rid of sweaty feet and unpleasant smell?

Methods of dealing

First you need to, of course, to eliminate the presence of all those factors (listed above) that c

ontribute to excessive sweating.But this is not always possible.After all, if a person can change the shoes more comfortable, it is unlikely he will be able to cure yourself from diabetes.Therefore, when it is impossible to solve the problem, it must outwit.To do this, follow these guidelines:

  • Follow the hygiene toe.In it is included daily (morning and evening), washing the feet with soap and water.After it is necessary to carefully wipe their feet dry or dry them with a hair dryer by low temperature conditions;
  • Use deodorant.As strange as it may sound, but you can use the same deodorant that underarm to feet.It is desirable that it was the antiperspirant - deodorant that controls the amount of perspiration.In addition, you can use special deodorants and creams for the feet, which should be applied before putting on socks legs;
  • resort to aromatherapy.To get rid of excessive sweating is recommended to add a couple of drops of lavender oil into soap or gel when you wash your feet, or to put it on clean skin of the feet at night.It effectively destroys bacteria and prevents unpleasant odors;
  • Note socks.They should be worn only on clean feet and even after one use, they do not have a bad smell of their need to change and not to wear two.It is advisable to use socks made of natural fabrics, because they prevent excessive sweating;

Do not forget the shoes. Shoes - one of the main factors triggering the emergence of a bad odor due to excessive sweating of the feet.In order to reduce its effect to the minimum necessary to follow simple guidelines:

  • store shoes, where a light, dry and air circulates
  • washable shoes (if you can do this) at least once a month
  • on arrival homeTrain yourself to put in the shoes means that absorb odors (zeolite or juniper chips)
  • regularly (at least once every six months) change the insoles in shoes.If they are not attached to it, then wash them and remove from the shoe at a time while you are not using it
  • possible purchase shoes from natural materials.

Tips folk medicine

Rid of Athlete's Foot folk remedies is indeed possible, and most importantly it is affordable and inexpensive method.Here are a few recipes.

Sage. It is used for the bath feet.To prepare it, you need to 1st liter of boiling water add 0.5 cups of dried sage and infuse for 5 minutes.Then strain the broth and soak in it the legs about 15-20 minutes.It is recommended to do the procedure on a daily basis.

Sol. It kills germs, so it is very effective in the fight against excessive sweating.To make the tray need 3 tablespoons of salt (sodium chloride, English or sea), pour 2 liters of warm water and stir until the salt dissolves.Thereafter, in the solution to hold the legs 20 minutes.Using this recipe you can each time after you wash your feet.

Rosehip.For bath suitable leaves or rose hips (0.5 cups).They need to boil 1 liter of water for 10 minutes, infuse, strain and dilute with 2 liters of water.After 15 minutes at this lower legs in the broth.
As you can see, even this difficult problem can be easily solved if you follow the simple and proven recommendations!