August 30, 2016 23:12

How to bring alcohol from the body and get rid of the effects of intoxication ?

Many of us at some point in their lives before the question arose how to get the alcohol out of the body?This is necessary to hide the consequences of drinking by the traffic police, someone from the head, someone from the family.And someone could simply calculate the possibility of the body and this excessive drinking.What to do?Is there a way to quickly bring alcohol from the body?

alcohol withdrawal from the body

with a hangover can cope at home, but unfortunately, completely withdraw alcohol improvised means you will not succeed.The fact that entering the bloodstream, ethyl alcohol (which is included in all spirits) to the liver where acetaldehyde is split up, which causes all the unpleasant consequences.Since all this happens at the level of circulation, and the struggle must be appropriate.Therefore doctors to remove alcohol intravenously administered drugs such as gemodez, reopoligljukin and glucose in combination with B vitamins and means facilitating the work of the heart, for example, Ribox

inum.But such a procedure should be performed only under the supervision of a specialist.After her blood more quickly cleared and the person can return to normal activities.

If you want to completely withdraw alcohol from the body in the home, you will need to call the doctor, that he had a treatment.This is the most effective method of fighting.However, there are ways to alleviate the condition after intoxication.They require more time, but check out the many.

Struggling with alcohol intoxication improvised means

I would like to start by saying that some of the conventional methods are not so effective.For example, widely advertised drug "Antipolitsay" does not eliminate the harmful effects of alcohol.He brings temporary relief from headaches and freshens breath.It is also widely believed that the activated carbon is capable of outputting the alcohol from the body.It is also misleading.The molecules of the decay products of ethanol are too small to be able to their carbon capture and display.But this drug can still ease the human condition, so how to get rid of other toxins that have time to accumulate in the body after excessive use.

But whether there are products that excretes alcohol?Yes, but with an internal reception it will take much longer than the time that they had their effect.It is important to drink as much as possible useful liquid.These include juices high in vitamin C (best orange).Also fit a traditional brine cucumber or tomato.Good action will provide mineral water.

to quickly get rid of the odor, you need to eat fatty foods.The best - beef broth.It will envelop the walls of the esophagus and stomach, preventing the release of odors.Also for this purpose, you can drink a vegetable oil.

These are just some of the recommendations for the removal of alcohol from the body.It is better if they will never come in handy.Be moderate in drinking alcohol.